CRGIII & LJDB – Mucilage

CRGIII & LJDB – Mucilage



Four Little Pasted-Up Things
brought to life by CRGIII & LJDB

Once upon a time a Danish person offered a Kansan two recorded synthesizer improvisations named “Televizor” and “Home Town.” The Dane proposed that the Kansan use these recordings as building blocks to sculpt collaborative bits of audio art. Accepting this offer, the Kansan cut the recordings into bits, edited them with digital sound effects, arranged them into various patterns, added bits from his own original sonic concoctions, and glued everything together to produce four unique compositions. A variety of late 20th and early 21st Century technologies helped make the whole plan come to life. The process of gluing together these sound collages gave birth to the titles of the finished recordings and of the collection as a whole. The results are presented here, along with the authors’ hopes that listeners may crack a smile or two while taking in this exhibit.

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