Peltiform – Futurism

Peltiform – Futurism



(reviewed by Igloo Magazine)
A new collaboration between Floating Spirits (aka Nathan Story) and Nonima/Mitoma (aka Tam Ferrans), FUTURISM is a long overdue release that finally sees the light of day on Section 27. IDM and industrial tinges tangled among glitch and ambient strands as this album sets the stage for hopefully a longer term project. It all comes to a head as the opening track, “Internatl,” and its dark ambient clouds, are submerged beneath a layer of smothered synth streams.

As the release progresses, caliginous rhythms persist; tracks like “Microcapsule” and “Sapient” scrape and crawl their way through unlit corridors and dystopian trails of dust and debris while the IDM-centric and brooding atmospheres of “Thermophosphor” and “Nightide” provide just enough fuel to keep us in constant motion. We begin to ponder what’s evolved before our eyes and ears; Peltiform calmly luring us through these subtle abstractions. The raw energy and dynamism of modern technology simply becomes tangible as each audible slice explores the farthest reaches of sandblasted electronics. We would highly recommend FUTURISM for fans of classic Gridlock as well as current-era industrial-glitch sound sculptors like Access to Arasaka, Subheim, and Stendeck et al.
released September 23, 2022

Album mix / mastering by Weldroid (Tamas Zsiros)
Sounds by Peltiform
(T. Ferrans / N. Story)

Released by S27
Cat No [S27-192]

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