Various Artist – On est Là Mais pas Là

Various Artist – On est Là Mais pas Là
[Pertin​-​nce 092]

Various Artist

“On est Là Mais pas Là”

This EP was due to be released as a small edition of lathe cuts & CD-r’s + extra stuff , but due to various delays and complications with the cutting machine we decided to release it as a free EP for your own enjoyment.

We love to share music and we hope you will have fun listening to this release.

We are 3 dudes from Quebec city and we met thru music and became friends. Even thought we live in the same province / area it does not mean we see each other all the time or hang out. We mostly speak on internet… therefore one the reasons that made me decide of the title (which translate from French to English to something like) ”he/we are there but not there” …

extra links:

Shango :

Kado :


released October 28, 2022

Audio by Kado, Shango, Bleupulp.
Mastering by Maxime Tanguay
Additional mastering by Pheek (tracks 2 & 3)
Art work and Cover by Maxime tanguay

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