BRITNEY25 – Division Joie

BRITNEY25 – Division Joie


“Division Joie”

The Necrophile Hummingbird netlabel presents Division Joie by Britney25.
“Depressive Music for the Incurable People”

Whatever the bloody waves of dark thoughts, only the corpses return to the shore, but then they straighten up to scream in the wind: not even dead yet !

If a Goth spirit exists, it’s not a poser thing, not even the romantic taste for eros & thanatos, but a visceral thing, the malaise that transpires from the survivor who refuses to let himself be condemned, by the oppression of the system , to mark the end of his life. Exhibition of a skin-deep sensitivity, the echo of our shared nightmares, in a sound orgy. Journey through suffering. Cursed desperate, still laughing in the face of death ! Oscillation, like the flame that resists the night. Always on the verge of extinction, but still burning. Exorcism of emotion, ritual remains that are priceless. Fully aware of vanity, shouting not to be heard, but to hear that one is still alive. Aware that it is a downward spiral, the more darkness you feed on, the more darkness you invite into your life. Creative vicious circle that inevitably leads to the end. Isn’t life a form of agony ? Perhaps the exhibition of atrocities helps overcome damnation. Or maybe our pain can heal the wounds of the listener. Anyway, might as well have fun with the grace of those who know that life is a joke. When I talk of this album, because of the visual she chose to represent herself as Besançon’s “soeur sourire”, I call it the “black virgin”, I’m wrong, indeed the title is perfect, it is really the joy division, one side is in darkness, the other in the light. We are all walking on the borderline, and sometimes we slip… So don’t forget, don’t forget the fallen angels, because they are legion.

It seems that horsnorme music has always been too much gothic for experimental music audiences and too much experimental for gothic audiences. Britney25’s music is horsnorme, with no assigned place, always on the move, never where you expect it, cynical until the last moment… and beyond. It is a joy to welcome the latest offspring of this hyperactive outsider musician who refuses to return to her niche in the society of the spectacle.

By the way, a big fuck to the french governement which is trying to make the people work after their death… and the same way to be sure they have no time of life left to help the non-profit associations or any kind of non-governmental organizations. Their goal is clear, to erase any form of dissidence as well of margins, calling them separatism.

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