Arabia Saudade – Estudando a Am​é​rica do sul

Arabia Saudade – Estudando a Am​é​rica do sul

Arabia Saudade

“Estudando a Am​é​rica do sul”

The third and last album of ARABIA SAUDADE completes the sad story of their Arab Character. Arrived in Brazil with big luggage full of Saudade on the first album (Americ) our character started loving the carnival frenzy of its new home (Le Petit Senegallia) and now is ready to discover all the countries of South America. His trip driven by Wikipedia info leads him to unconditional love for the continent. But when the joy reaches the apex it is time to go back home. As Joao Gilberto taught us: joy has an end and sadness doesn’t.

The 12 new tracks recorded by ARABIA SAUDADE are one for each South American country (except Brazil which was the main theme of the previous albums). Each lyrics is focused on something taken from the Wikipedia page and then explored live by the Italian band. It took four years to check all the news with real intercontinental trips. During these trips Arabia Saudade embedded Cazzurillo because their Portuguese was still translated with Google Translate, and she was the only one that could understand our sad guys.

The travelling helped Arabia Saudade to discover tons of new music and evolve their arabpunk sound. We can sum up in these references:

Downtown Boys, Gal Costa, Bad Bunny, Gong, La Tigresa Del Oriente, Wendy Sulca

released February 28, 2023


Cava (drums), Cazzurillo (vocals, noises and kazoo), Dave (guitar and vocals), Superfreak (bass mix and main vocals).

Special Guest: Matteo Pennesi of ArteTetra
Mastering: James Plotkin
Artwork: Elias Taño

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