The Maravines – Shippen

The Maravines – Shippen

The Maravines


Shippen is the fourteenth Studio album, that is by the Maravines. The complete album is available for download on the Internet Archive, in late January of 2023.
There are three cover versions of songs on Shippen, by Sean Faust, Underlined Passages, and Relays, as well as one instrumental song. The first released song, “S. Feclofus” appears on the charity compilation The Light Between – Songs of Hope and Mercy, with all of the proceeds for Saint Jude Children’s Hospital. The song “Sentinel” is on the fourth volume of Rock against Hate, for Planned Parenthood. For The Jersey Journal’s review of the album, the Maravines write that “a woman has the right to choose when she wants to have children, like a man has the right to be free, like all life has the right to live.”
In an interview with BlowUpRadio, on August 12th, Sean Faust remarks that the Maravines “did the second part, Without a Name” and they “went for that more ethereal air about it, georgeous.” The song is called “outstanding” in the on line music magazine New Jersey Stage, on September 5th, and it premiered on BlowUpRadio’s New N. J. Music Playlist that day, at 7 P. m. JPeck of Margate, New Jersey’s Alternative Rock band Bosco and Peck writes that the song “Recall and Return” puts him “in a trance,” and that he “really likes the track.” BlowUpRadio adds that the vibe is “mellow, but compelling, with strong lyrics.” “Recall, and Return” is on the Banding Together compilation, in conjunction with the Spondylitis Webathon.
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