Markus Masuhr – The Dub Theory "Chapter Eight"

Markus Masuhr – The Dub Theory "Chapter Eight"

Markus Masuhr

“The Dub Theory “Chapter Eight””

Markus Masuhr – The Dub Theory „Chapter Eight“ (Insectorama156)

It’s time for the next part of my Dub Theory Series. The Dub Theory Chapter Eight brings 8 new purely functional loop-based dubtechno tracks designed to take you on a journey through forests and mountains to the sea. Slow down your life and go in search of rest and relaxation into the depths of echoes and chords, surrounded by wobbling basses and constructs of danceability.

Echoes of a distant past,
Delays that seem to forever last,
Reverb through the valleys wide,
Textures of the earth collide.

Landscapes painted with such care,
A symphony for all to share,
The crunch of leaves, the rustle of trees,
Textures that are sure to please.

Echoes of a world that’s old,
Delays that tell of stories told,
Reverb that resounds with might,
Textures that bring pure delight.

So let us listen to the echoes of time,
And let the delays create a rhyme,
Let the reverb fill our hearts with grace,
And textures of the land take their place.

1.Echoes in the Mind
2.Waves of Tranquillity
3.Recognized Illusions
4.Deep Valley Blues
5.Contemplative Journey
6.Contemplating the Unknown
7.Delving into the Abyss
8.Lake of Serenity

all tracks by Markus Masuhr
Mastering & Artwork by Markus Masuhr

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