Daniel Klauser – Bilocacion EP

Daniel Klauser – Bilocacion EP

Daniel Klauser

“Bilocacion EP”

Bilocation: Specters of Marx

Searches find their place, means find their forms, rhythm finds its balance. “Bilocación”, from musician, producer, DJ, and cultural manager Daniel Klauser, is dance, trance, and manifesto; an EP that opens up new soundscapes within a register that has gone in different directions: techno, house, hip hop, Latin American jazz, or rock are part of this musician’s continuous search, who has made his way by assembling and dismantling aesthetics, discourses, sounds, and scenes to, in this new work, invoke the ghosts of what once was not music, but the underground discourses that once inhabited it.

Featuring musician Tristán Sotomayor (AOI and Nonlocal Society) as a guest, “Ft Tristán” is a track that makes us wonder, at what point did we arrive at this place? Through minimal means and lo-fi sound as a discursive weapon, Klauser moves us imperceptibly from one room to another, from one landscape to another, from one atmosphere to another; from the rawness of the sound to starchy groovy passages of rhythms, almost tribal, that build up or rather melt into a lysergic, warm, soft, and enveloping flow.

“Trumpet Lesson” is imagery taken from the dream of a trumpet traveling through the acid particles spat out by Miles Davis; or it could be a hallucinogenic journey in the midst of Kerouac’s arid road, or a dark and dystopian hallucination of Burroughs, or perhaps it rises as the cosmic and psychedelic intensity of Herbie Hancock in Sextant; what is certain is that here, Klauser’s processed trumpet delivers something retro-futuristic, accompanied by arpeggios and bass lines that take us back to a biological and hallucinatory tribal dance.

Daniel Klauser‘s voice in “Yo te quise” adds an additional note to this work which, like a laboratory of ideas, supports, and means, invites us to immerse ourselves in a sinuous movement, reminding us that what we hear is not a dance but a ceremony, and that there, in that middle zone, between “I love you” and “I loved you”, there is also a boundary – an abyssal zone – between the real and the unreal or between the surface and the deep.

“De tu mirada” is the closing of this manifesto of ghosts, retromanias, references, aesthetics, and discourses, where the sound space becomes a container of multiple intensities that seem to slide between poles, extremes, and middle zones that immerse us and make us emerge among soft whispers that moisten the listening, making it acidic and fractal.

“Bilocación” is the supernatural appearance of sounds that, gathered in this ceremony, celebrate the arrival of the specters that transit and break with the censorship, prohibition, and stigma that the industry has created around underground, marginal, pristine, and consequent music.

Sebastián Herrera
(Santiago, Chile. April 2023)

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