Markus Masuhr – The Dub Theory ‘Chapter Nine’

Markus Masuhr – The Dub Theory 'Chapter Nine'

Markus Masuhr

“The Dub Theory ‘Chapter Nine'”

in the depths of my soul, whispers of rhythm ignite,
As the Dub Theory Chapter Nine takes flight.
A wide open sky, where melodies soar,
Lost in the woods, nature’s secrets I explore.

The mountain is calling me home, its peaks so grand,
Echoes of canyons, where echoes expand.
Dancing in the dark, beats pulse through the night,
Deepening shadows, unveiling hidden light.

Through an endless abyss, the music cascades,
Guiding emotions, like a serenade.
In this sonic journey, where dub theories entwine,
A symphony of depths, transcending space and time.

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