Yoshiwaku – Coil Whine Memorial

Yoshiwaku – Coil Whine Memorial


“Coil Whine Memorial”

The Necrophile Hummingbird Netlabel & HAMFUGGI Records present Coil Whine Memorial by Yoshiwaku.

“Uncoil Music for Coil Lovers”

Years ago before The Immortal Coil tribute, in 2005, after the disparition of Jhonn Balance, I had contributed under the moniker of CorteX with IDX1274 to Full Cold Moon a tribute by netlabel Darkwinter.
Coil wasn’t really music but more a kind of ritualist performance, the shapes were secondary face to the essence. And this tribute was a kind of panorama, around the world at that time, of some of the experimenters with this spirit.
Few months before the death of Peter Sleazy Christopherson I wrote to him and he was interested to contribute to the next Necktar. Perhaps Necktar 2017 and next Pikadon and The World is Over! were quite close
to be the creations of another kind of TOPY Network. Anyway these words are here to try to show how I feel related to Coil and why so many years later today I need to pay my tribute to Coil.
What is really alive need to die to let live the next one. Life is this cycle.

Last but not least A Symbiotic Experience is a huge inspiration for this album…

Lyrics on Psychic Transmission taken from Coil documents collected by Brainwashed website.

This album is dedicated to every mutant who removed their skin each time needed to birth again.

Video Art Clip soon here :

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