id – lunetta

id – lunetta



Lunetta is a modular synthesizer built using mostly digital logic chips.

All of the Lunettas are unique and different, because they allow creative and irregular ways to patch them up, since they are mainly made out of CMOS chips and allow completely different ways of modulation compared to analog electronics.

Lunettas share their specific tonal character, which is a complex pulse modulation, rich in high frequency harmonics, making them sound alike. The differences come from individual design and the chosen chips resulting in sometimes quirky or unpredictable behaviour.

Lunetta’s nametag comes from Stanley Lunetta, who was a classical and experimental musician. He is thought to be the first one to bring cheap digital logic chips to the table for making electronic instruments usually used in avant-garde music.

This album is a compilation of home, studio and live performance recordings, with a home-made Lunetta synthesizer, sound effects and feedback loops.

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