Davor Tosovic – Dark Forest

Davor Tosovic – Dark Forest

Davor Tosovic

“Dark Forest”

In the depths of the dark forest’s embrace,
Where shadows dance with mystery and grace,
Stands a night house, cloaked in eerie haze,
Whispering secrets of forgotten days.

Within its walls, a haunting octave range,
Unveils melodies that speak of change,
Like chords that vibrate through the silent air,
Echoes of a timeless, ethereal affair.

We are this way, seekers of the unknown,
Roaming through the forest, not alone,
Drawn to the enigma, the mystic allure,
Where secrets dwell, untamed and pure.

In the dark forest’s depths, we find our home,
Where night and day forever interweave and roam,
A symphony of whispers, ancient and profound,
As we dance to the rhythms of a world unsound.

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