Lonerist – Attic Dub Demos

Lonerist – Attic Dub Demos


“Attic Dub Demos”

in the depths of dub’s embrace, echoes play,
A journey through delay, where shadows sway,
Safe spaces found within each sound’s bloom,
Apothenia’s release, a soul’s cocoon.

Project Zero, a canvas to explore,
Breaking chains of time, forevermore,
A captive of time’s grasp, seeking light,
In endless nights, stars guide our flight.

In Chapter Houses, secrets intertwine,
This brain on dub, a mystical shrine,
Destiny dub, the beats align,
Ripchords of fate, intertwine.

Locked in syndrome, mind’s voyage untamed,
Dream logic dances, reality maimed,
Amidst the long goodbye, we find our way,
Lost in rhythms, where dreams sway.

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