Various Artist – THE DESERT EARS

Various Artist – THE DESERT EARS

Various Artist


The Necrophile Hummingbird Netlabel presents THE DESERT EARS by Psy Shepherd X Ethnomite Pux X Invisible Illusion.

“Desert Music for Desert Lovers”

The story of this record begins with its end, the day I was looking at photos of the triops and fairy shrimps that had hatched at Burning Man in Black Rock Desert, while I was listening to the Electronic Quicksands tracks that my long time collaborator Ethnomite Pux sent me in July 2023. After I did it, I remembered that Psy Shepherd sent me a track to collaborate after Nahel death in July too. So I had no other choice than to manage my time and take a few days to create my part of this split album. Also Psy Shepherd was a very close friend to the one for who we previously did a tribute linked with the last collaboration between Ethnomite Pux and me under another moniker.

So this album seems mostly about how discomfort in music could be enjoyable, same way lead can be turned in gold. The way you look at everything changes everything. A french noiser a few weeks ago posted on a network that perhaps his music was junk, but it’s ok, he can deal with it. If you love it fine, if not he will not force you to listen. So as the AI disruption overturned the chessboard, It pushes us to find what ‘s make the difference between human music and AI music. Where is our humanity ?
As audience when You listen such works like this album, could You imagine for example that I can do the sing of the nomad robot blues and at the same time have no room to play it at home or only when I’m alone. Because my heart family think my music is junk. I deal with this hostile environment because it’s my choice. Life matter more than art, although art sustain my life. And I may not be wrong when I think that it’s the reality for most of the noisers.
I think noise is precisely this resilience. To refuse to follow the mainstream. To refuse the seduction lie, when it’s more about to negate yourself to fit with the norm. This resilience of humanity against all forms of control’s got a side effect called Solidarity. The more you suffer, the more you want to avoid this to the others. Solidarity is a huge fuck to any dominant system.
So what ? Each album is an act of resistance, like sending codes by radio wave during the WWII from london to each isolated sound creator. Keep your freedom, grow up your vegetable garden, you are not alone.

Where is our humanity ? It’s also the question we could ask if we were cops, but happily we are not. Of course In Memory Of Sahel is a variation, indeed a track done in memory of Nahel a 17 years racialized teenager killed by a cop in france in July 2023.

A thing about the form is that the tracks are shorter than my usual improvisations, being cut out in smaller parts, more set to electro ethnic trance and hard techno industrial styles. More than to provide comfort to the listener this is a way to build a serial music structure. Going back to a track, so close to another that your brain think it’s the same, but in reality it is modulated, it’s a variation, something about the nature of reality flux, this coil which come from well known fractal spiral structure…

Also if anyone is curious about were did come from the triops minimal rhythms, they are improvised with an electric frequencies generator.

Because whatever the distance the desert ears can hear. This album is dedicated to all the victims of the earthquake in Morocco & the floods in Lybia and all people dying because of global warming too.

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