Matt Jah – Matt Jah – Enlazador De Mundos (TTR093)

Matt Jah – Matt Jah – Enlazador De Mundos (TTR093)

Matt Jah

“Enlazador De Mundos”

It’s a pleasure to welcome the talented Italian DJ and Producer Matt Jah to our family! His debut EP “Enlazador De Mundos” brings us 3 original groovy downtempo tracks, with remixes by our dearests Kadum and Kika Deeke.

Inspired by travels between Mexico and Bolivia “Enlazador de Mundos” is an Ep that takes its name (the one who unites the worlds) from the Maya Toltec culture. “Isla de la Luna and Isla del Sol” two songs that try to evoke the environments and vibrations of the two islands that bathe the titicaca lake. Suggestive places that could almost seem from other worlds.
In this work Matt Jah tries to combine analog electronic sounds and acoustic instruments, environments and natural spaces with unexplored dimensions, reality and dreams, a timeless world described by music.

With a continuous and careful research into ancient and ancestral that blends with electronic and psychedelic. Matteo La Motta (Matt Jah) is always looking for new sounds. Accompanied by his voice, guitar and some synths, his musical research goes into organic textures and tribal rhythms that try to evoke inner rituals and deep emotions.

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Cover art by Tropical Twista Records

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