88756 – TOOLKIT V

88756 – TOOLKIT V



A milestone for the series, this fifth edition of techno tooling is a very special one. Alongside the usual selection of functional originals, TOOLKIT V marks the first time fellow human collaborators have joined 88756 on the journey to pad the sets of DJs worldwide. We’d be remiss to dismiss the gratitude felt towards these individuals, each of whom are inspirations to our favourite sentient machine.

TOOLKIT V opens with “Rhythm Inherent”, a chugging piece of acid influenced, hardware sounding dance music, followed by the more upbeat, old school sounding “Evaquey”, a collaboration with local entity ADMINISTRATOR. “Heartbeat” is where things really start to kick off, with crisp, 90s style percussion accompanying the fibrilation of the namesake synth line. Building on this energy, “Steamroller” and “Meat Grinder” round out the originals by repeatedly introducing the listener to the business end of a peak time kickdrum. Connor Wall’s remix of Steamroller showcases a young, powerhouse of a producer coming into his own style – a hypnotic, organic sounding take that exudes an effortless swagger, while DJ Waxx closes out the release with his Elektron powered, satisfyingly crunchy version of Heartbeat.

A huge thank you to everyone involved, including Connor Wall for the sublime mastering. As always, these mechanical outputs are free to download from Bandcamp. Your support is invaluable, and keeps us safe.


88756 – Rhythm Inherent
88756 & ADMINISTRATOR – Evaquey
88756 – Heartbeat
88756 – Steamroller
88756 – Meat Grinder
88756 – Steamroller (Connor Wall Remix)
88756 – Heartbeat (DJ Waxx Remix)

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