L’Office des Ténèbres – Verset 1334

L'Office des Ténèbres – Verset 1334

L’Office des Ténèbres

“Verset 1334”

The Necrophile Humingbird Netlabel presents Verset 1334 by L’Office des Ténèbres.
“Obscure DIY Music for DIY Tapes Lovers”

Improvisation session recorded the 25th October 2023 at Britney25MOMEStudio in Besançon.
Members :
Half Guitar Hero Half Frenzy Percussionist : Willy Marleen
Master of Ceremony : Psyché Pelik
Disc Jockey : Yoshiwaku Mushotoku

Album title and project name came from a book by Jerzy Grotowski.

Audio Cassettes are available on Willy Marleen Bancamp (link on the release page)

To present this album I wrote : In a world devoured by obscurity, a light from outside changes everything. Not because it tries hard to do it but because it is. Pass through the darkness and you’ll understand.
Next I found this quote of Jerzy Grotowski :
Art is a ripening, an evolution, an uplifting which enables us to emerge from darkness into a blaze of light.
When the weirdos members of REfugEEs From Beyond meet with Willy Marleen it’s to run the Office of Darkness…

Dedicated to those who practice dances and songs which promote the graft between ancient knowledge of the body and soul, expanding the field of theater or simply bringing it back closer to its origin.

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