xenoton – un

xenoton – un



un’ is built on a linguistic motif, with each track’s title (whether in German or English) beginning with the prefix ‘un’, such as ‘unRest’, ‘unStet’, ‘unBalanced’, ‘unStern’ and ‘unErwartet’. the album’s structure allows each track to function independently, while collectively forming a narrative that is intricately detailed and gains depth with repeated listening.

musically, this album marks xenoton’s shift towards more ambient and cinematic soundscapes. while it may seem like a departure from previous work, it maintains continuity with his artistic journey. “un” continues to blend deep, reflective soundscapes with his signature melodic style. the album echoes his previous works ‘crescent’ (2020) and ‘traveller’ (2015), but also explores new sonic spaces, offering a sophisticated and layered listening experience, a journey into the unexpressed and undiscovered in sound.

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