ASI-3 – Altered States

ASI-3 – Altered States


“Altered States”

It has been almost four years since our last release, and that’s why we are back with a very special release. Introducing ASI-3, a Spanish producer based in London, who presents to us, after releasing some singles in recent years, his first full-length release. “Altered States” is an album where the artist explores themes of anxiety, loneliness, fear, and rejection. Through sonic experimentation, ASI-3 employs his own field recordings captured in his daily life in a city that gradually engulfs you until you become a part of it without even realizing. These glimpses of a sonic diary are fused with passages of raw electronica and industrial textures, making “Altered States” a work that may require attentive listening but holds the promise of ultimate gratification or understanding. Electronic, IDM, Ambient, Techno — a full sonic palette at the disposal of an artist eager to shout to the world and with a strong determination to learn to live with his own demons. An intimate and complex listening experience that we at Nulogic Netlabel wholeheartedly recommend.
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