Waldgrenze – Cooper Pairs vol.2

Waldgrenze – Cooper Pairs vol.2


“Cooper Pairs vol.2”

Released April 11, 2024

Waldgrenze (meaning “border of the forest”) is the project of Theo Kovalev (Wave Resistance), focused on ambient and experimental electronic music, as well as acoustic sound production experiments and field recordings, inspired by the ecological idea of friendly coexistence of two opposing sides – nature and technology. Born in joint improvisational jam sessions with other artists, the project eventually transformed and acquired its own sound character, retaining the original idea of the changes made to live recordings to preserve the feeling of “here and now”, where in each composition you can hear the unique state of different places.

In some cases, during jam sessions, it is possible to reach a certain interesting state, during which intriguing compositions are born, which often do not require further post-processing. Such a unique creative phenomenon of musician collaboration resembles the pairing of electrons into Cooper pairs in a superconductor. The classical theory of superconductivity states that, below a specific critical temperature, electrons in a metal pair up to create bosons called Cooper pairs. These bosons form a phase-coherent condensate that can flow through a material without scattering – the result being superconductivity.

The three sessions comprising “Cooper Pairs vol.2” were captured during collaborative jam sessions in the project’s homeland over several years prior to relocating to Australia. The first piece stands as a classic example of Theo Kovalev’s drone ambient collages, enriched by the interplay between Ilya Suzdaltsev’s acoustic improvisations and Nikita Vasilyenko’s experimental electronic elements. The second composition merges rhythmic passages with ethereal ambient textures, crafted in collaboration with Vadim Rumyantsev (Room V), originally christened as Cooper Pairs, thus inspiring the title for Theo Kovalev’s series of joint recordings with various artists. Bringing the album to a close is a track blending trip-hop elements with guitar ambient, recorded during a unique jam session with Oleg Zherdev, a multi-instrumentalist also known for his work with The Awakening Stones Garden (ASG) project.

Cooper Pairs vol.1 (under the Wave Resistance alias of Theo Kovalev):

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