Downtown Deceit – Where Do We Go From Here?

Downtown Deceit – Where Do We Go From Here?

Downtown Deceit

“Where Do We Go From Here?”

Dowtown Deceit is:
Some Succubus Coalition & Kοκκαλα

Lyrics by Boari Nicola & Akis Karanos


Artwork by Akis Karanos

Samples list:
source instagram / tiktok

1.Where do we go from here?
2.Best way to spot an idiot
3.Enzo Traverso – Left Wing Melancholia
4.How to get people to answer ‘yes’ to your questions.
5.”We don’t care.We don’t care. Make it a major world war”
6.Charles Bukowski, on Freedom
7.People running and not getting anywhere
8.“Selling recycling sells plastic” – Laura Sullivan
9.How Americans Reacted to The Drink Driving Ban in the 1980s
10.Want to start a revolution for real? Then stop participating with the system and say NO.
11.The episode that aired after Bob Ross lost his wife
13.’The Human Use of Human Beings’
14.How to write a screenplay by David Lynch
15.Dali speaks against meaning in his art
16.marcel duchamp on the power of art
17.6 Psychology tricks
Classic TV Commercials of the 50’s and 60’s

Handmade CDr ricepaper jewel case as Spettro Records’ first 4 releases in 2010. Includes A4 by Akis Karanos in handknit sleeve made by my grandma.

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