Sami Konzo – untitled 001

Sami Konzo – untitled 001

Sami Konzo

“untitled 001”

Twenty rounds later,
spring arrives in full delight,
carrying the heaviness of winter with it.

The moose went across the river,
the wolves howl,
it’s time for the next sting.

Sami Konzo presents three wonderful new tracks, while each song is like a magnificent painting, in which there is always something new to discover and which embraces you so strongly, that not only a lasting impression is created, but also a cosmic cloak is woven around you, that hides you under an invisible heap of longing. At the same time are we living an expression of international friendship with this release, celebrating the unifying language of music, bringing humans together, no matter of other onion layers of reality. The season of the permanence is thus opened. Reopened again.

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