Invisible Illusion – Weathering The Rocks

Invisible Illusion – Weathering The Rocks

Invisible Illusion

“Weathering The Rocks”

The necrophile hummingbird netlabel presents Weathering The Rocks by Invisible Illusion.

“Industrial Noise Rock for Post-Industrial Blues Lovers”

Members involve in this album :
Peter Hope / Studio 112 / Gabriel Peirera Spurr / Ed End.

PART I [1/2/3/4/5/6/7]
Regular versions with Pete & Studio 112 on the first three tracks,
and Ed End in the four next.
PART II [8/9/10/11/12/13]
More instrumental versions with Gabriel Pereira Spurr & Studio 112 on the first three tracks, and Ed End on the three next.
PART III [14/15/16/17/18/19/20]
Pete Hope’s Elemental Edit shorter versions with only Pete & Ed End.

Video Art Clip
Water Is The New Fuel

This music comes from the land of chaos; intuition and emotions interplay has led it to this singular form. It is not consensual, it is demanding, it asks the listener to step out of their comfort zone. But like slow burners, in the end, it brings a reward that is worth it. The first part is what I call “mantrawave”. The improvisations have been preserved as much as possible, maintaining their hypnotic character; to put it simply, these are the long version tracks of the album. The second part is what I call an “upgrade”, they have been developed to reach a new form, the musical aspect is emphasized; to put it simply, this is closer to an instrumental version. The last part is the “elemental edit”, where only the essential is kept.

It’s no coincidence if this recalls the distillation of alchemy. This complete version of the album is released almost two years after the elemental edit because something surprising happened during this collective cooperation. While I was looking forward to discovering the meeting of the two sonic lineages that have taught me the most in recent years, (besides the music with Studio 112 obviously, because its case is particular, being neighbors, we evolve together), we realized that Pete’s voice did not work with Gabriel’s music. Their approach to music was different, somewhat like two distinct elements :
– What happens if you bring fire and water together ?
You can’t simply mix them, but we didn’t give up; instead of choosing one or the other, as minds operating on exclusion would do, we chose to keep both and develop them, so we could study this amalgamation.

I don’t know what the future holds for our collaborations, but their past can provide some better understanding.

With Studio 112, the list would be too long, aside of Invisible Illusion, he is involved in PIRATE Tapes / Multiple Personality 3 /EVA Vertigo / TKno BeurK / rADio eNd / RefugEEs From Beyond…

With Gabriel Pereira Spurr under A Symbiotic Experience project :
Oneiric Sound / Open Source / Gesamtkuntswerk / Near Death Experience / Rebirth / Renaskigo
Also under our own names Dawn of the Damned
The album the closest to this one is probably Faust by PIRATE Tapes, where he participated with Studio 112. Also as good example to show how everything is linked, the instrumental of “We Don’t Fit Anymore” comes from Original Subversion, an unborn album of A Symbiotic Experience.

With Peter Hope & Studio 112 under rADio eNd project :
OddSchool / Underground Culture / Hum Antenna
There is another album without Studio 112 : Purple circle the french dissection.

The closest album to Weathering The Rocks is probably Hum Antenna, where the blues aspect is more pronounced in this one, in Hum Antenna, it is the psychedelia. So you may understand that regardless of the mask, only the musical flavor matters. This album is released under Invisible Illusion but could have been released just as well under the rADio eNd project if it weren’t so important to shed our skins to change and avoid turning into self-caricatures, slaves of our public image.

Among the roots, I should also mention The World Is Over! PIKADON & Necktar because these are the steps that led to the birth of this album.

I also invite you to read the words of Pete in the full presentation of the Elemental Edit :
“Tapping into the elements; rock, wind, fire & water… the very earth, the source of life & asking questions:
– Who’s making the decisions and the bad choices that damage & deplete, cause conflict, suffering & destruction?
How much have we given up or simply lost through our disconnection from the natural world, and how can it be retrieved?
Will self-importance be allowed to win the day and therefore define the terms of humanity’s decline?

Bring back the clatter & the drone, the mechanical clank, the smelting & shaping, the holler that sings out the rhythms of purposeful labor & truthful art. Bring us back our senses; the cold air, the hot sun, the rain, the storm & the sheltering from it. Let us breathe life again”

What else can I say? The lizard on the cover died in our water collector. It has placed this album under the sign of climate and social urgency. The two are linked, and there are many solutions, only malicious forces prevent their implementation on a large scale. So, I take my own actions on my scale. Since the time of this recording, I have bought solar panels, and I have never listened to so little music in my life; now I use headphones, only using my audio system with solar batteries. In my sink, I collect water in a basin to water the flowers and vegetables. We are flexitarians and degrowers since many years. When we go on vacation, we take the bus. We should have changed all our habits years ago. But better late than never. Even if it will never be enough compared to the harm caused by industries and the ultra wealthy.

This album could have been dedicated to the waves of climate change migrants who fall victim to the selfishness of colonial countries, but that is already more or less the dedication of “Refugees Welcome”. So, it is dedicated to our Mother Earth. It must be terrible that her own children render her uninhabitable. Although it’s only the most egocentric fringe of humanity, it’s up to the rest to take action. As we can see in ‘How to Blow Up a Pipeline,’ corporations and politicians are criminals responsible for the deaths of an indecent number of people and must be stopped by any means necessary.

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