CROMB – 25th June 2023 – Halberstadt – John Cage Haus

CROMB – 25th June 2023 – Halberstadt – John Cage Haus
[ACP 1406]


“25th June 2023 – Halberstadt – John Cage Haus”

During the days between the 19th and 24th June 2023, Christoph Ogiermann, composer, performer, painter gives a workshop at the John Cage Haus in Halberstadt, Germany, on performing ideas derived by John Cage and the I-Ching. In the group of participants, Mattia Bonafini performs also with a No-Input Mixing Board configuration in duo with Christoph, aka Crog, on the violin.

On the 25th, they decided to play together in the main Hall of the J. C. Haus:
they placed a handheld recorder and performed for themselves.

The recording was mixed and mastered by Mattia Bonafini; they decided to propose this material to attenuation circuit and Vykintas Baltakas.

The name CROMB is the mixture of ChRistophOGiermann + MattiaBonafini.

The drawings on the cover are CROG’s creations.
Cover made by Mattia Bonafini.

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