the brainhole – 2332

the brainhole


01.Nothing(feels like)
04.Aimless Drifting
05.The Reverend Ascends
07.Feed Me
09.Detoured Furore Tofu
10.Against Us
11.Liquid Spice
12.Spectre of Albionthe brainhole is Krzysztof Kłubo and Dawid Portaszrecorded between 2003-2010 at entropy studio London

additional drum programming on Against Us – David Skiba
vocal sample on Against Us – Russel Raisey
guitar sample on Escxhaton – Ivan Ckonjevic
spoken word on Escxhaton – Bevin Fagan
additional drums on Aimless Drifting – Ricori Ginsei
electric bass on Aimless Drifting – Tim Shireman
mastered by Jacek Milaszewski & Krzysztof Kłubo