Bruce Hamilton – Drams


Bruce Hamilton


Linear Obsessional is excited to present this extraordinary collection of evocative and hallucinogenic works by the US composer Bruce Hamilton.

“Drams is a collection of sound works held together by connections to notions of dreaming. While many of the pieces are, in a sense, ambient, whether from the presence of drones or use of field recordings, my intent was more to create a kind of animated presence- a surreal and vivid soundscape.

Some of these works were the result of participation in online events with the Society for Shorty New Music and ImprovFriday (now Sound-In); in some cases the events had themes such as âdreamsâ or âstoriesâ, or presented a given image to provoke a sonic reaction. Other tracks were simply improvisations that became compositions through editing, processing, and mixing. Some pieces explore microtonality, some are primarily instrumental in nature, and some are essentially acousmatic vignettes. Headphone listening is recommended”

-Bruce Hamilton

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