PIRATE Tapes – Cosmic Hobos Cult

PIRATE Tapes – Cosmic Hobos Cult


“Cosmic Hobos Cult”

Cosmic Hobos Cult is above all another page in the logbook of our improvised sound adventures. In a world under control, rigid, where everything obeys objectives, preaching the flexibility of vagrancy seems really saving. Not trying to please is obviously an act of resistance. From Kerouac to Kaufman, from Henry David Thoreau to Eden Ahbez, wandering leads to transcendence. Taming the silence. Free yourself from certainties. The spirituality of experience emerges through encounters, communion with wild nature, revelations of extreme states. The realization that you can just be alive. That it makes no sense to worry about appearing when the mind can break through like the celestial tramps.

These songs are too long for those who don’t want to like them, without values ​​for those who want to miss them. Yet those who will not be put off by the filth and take this road far from the information superhighways … are already walking by our side.

Recorded at the Cave Haven Sunday 6th September 2020.
A musical dive into the celestial tramps poetry…
Thanks to Kerouac and all the Beat Generation for the inspiration.
This is improvised music… so we do not remove anything, that mean this isn’t formated for mainstream listeners… this is freewave.

Artwork made by Ed End with the help of the A.I of deepdream generator

Alain Grille aka Studio 112 : Electric Guitar & FX.
Yan B. : Trumpet.
Ed End : Kaossilator & turntable & FX.

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