Polwor+Mika+G-Painter – The world you live

Polwor+Mika+G-Painter – The world you live


“The world you live”

Lulu, The Flower Angel, watches us dance while Astroboy, Pikachu, Pokémon, Heidi, Marco, Candy, Merzbow and Mazinger Z go around the club chasing Osamu Tezuka, who, led by Beatrix Kiddo, seem to levitate to the sound of the sonic toys made by the visionary minds of Roland and Korg, while Polwor-San and Mika-San, just like the Titanic orchestra, don’t stop spewing their noises/melodies, despite Godzilla and all the machines being hacked by the system puppeteers, herald the beginning of the end, again… Yet amidst all the whining circuits melting away from thousands of JVC players, Technics equipment, Sony cameras, Nintendo consoles, Datsun cars, Akai samplers and Yamaha keyboards, G-Painter’s voices, surrounded by emojis, enjoying a tamagoyaki and finishing cooking the band’s favorite Ramen recipe, remind us of what the world we lived in was like.

Mika Martini.
(Santiago, septiembre / September, 2020)

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