Charles Rice Goff III & Michael LaGrega – Thermoplastic Fibers

Charles Rice Goff III & Michael LaGrega – Thermoplastic Fibers

Charles Rice Goff III & Michael LaGrega

“Thermoplastic Fibers”

Thermoplastic Fibers

by Charles Rice Goff III and Michael LaGrega

1) Vinyon
2) Dacron
3) Teflon
4) Orlon
5) Nylon
6) Zylon
7) Rayon

1) Vinyon (Polyvinyl Chloride, invented 1939)
Resists chemicals, bacteria, insects. Crease resistant and elastic.
Used in blankets, draperies, children’s clothes, carpeting.

2) Dacron (Polyethylene Terephthalate/PET Plastic, patented 1941)
Barrier to gases, liquids, alcohol, solvents. Lightweight and semi-rigid. Recycles well.
Used in food containers, clothing.

3) Teflon (Polytetrafluoroethylene, discovered 1938)
Resists wetness. Low friction. Degradation is toxic to humans and birds.
Used as non-stick coating for cookware, lubricant for medical and military equipment.

4) Orlon (Acrylic, invented 1941)
Resists heat and acids, color-fast, machine washable. Soft, warm, mimics wool and cotton.
Used for clothing, insulated clothing, furnishings, carpeting.

5) Nylon (Synthetic Polymer, invented 1927)
Resists moisture, chemicals, molds, insects. Melts but does not burn.
Used in stockings, carpeting, various military equipment.

6) Zylon (Thermoset Liquid-Crystalline Polyoxazole, invented 1980s)
Stiffer than steel, thermally stable. Degradation begins within a few years.
Used in sporting, military, and medical equipment.

7) Rayon (Regenerated Cellulose, patented 1892)
Lightweight, mimics silk, velvet. More biodegradable than cotton.
Used in clothing, cellophane, sausage casings.

“Thermoplastic Fibers” was inspired by a 51-page research report that Goff put together for Mrs. Adams’ 5th Grade Science class in Fremont, California, 1969. This collection of recordings in no way recommends the production nor the usage of thermoplastic fibers for any purpose.

The Manufacturing Tools:

Korg R3 Vocoder/Synthesizer, Korg Z1 Synthesizer, Micro Moog Analog Synthesizer, Ibanez DM 1000 Digital Delay, Hello Kitty Stratocaster Electronic Guitar, Aklot Electro-Acoustic Soprano Ukulele, Various Plectra, Slides, Beaver Jaw, Pete Davidson Vibrator, Yamaha FX 500 Effects Unit, Various Analog Foot Pedal Sound Effects, Billiard The Theremin, Five Below Modified Sound Generator, Boss RC 20X Loop Station Loop Duplicator, Voice, Cool Edit Pro II, Audacity, Several Plug-In Audio Sound Effects

Korg 01R/W, Oberheim Xpander, Moog Matriarch, Alesis Andromeda, Kawai K5000W, Roland JD-800, Yamaha SY77, Omnisphere VST, Korg Trident VST (the ‘Tricent’), E-MU PX-7 Command Station, Boss DR-880 Drum Machine, Epiphone Les Paul copy (of a copy)

Produced March-June, 2021

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