Mono o Estéreo? – CLICS

Mono o Estéreo? – CLICS

Mono o Estéreo?


Formed in January 2016, the duo “Mono o Estéreo?”, made up of Loreto Ríos Montecinos and José Toro Concha, released their debut album “Clics” in December 2017. The band, which had only published a few demos on their Soundcloud account, with the release of the single “Iguales Distintos”, increased their presence in specialized media, which gave them the confidence to unveil the rest of their musical proposal.

The album, with 6 songs and 38 minutes long, exposes the personal songbook that José Toro Concha created between 2007 and 2015, to later give it its final form with the production of “Mono o Estéreo?”, also with the participation of Diego Gilabert Valiente, Pablo Muñoz from Janeiros Estudios, Diego Ridolfi, photographer José Moraga, Carolina Cue Silva and Francisco Holzmann from Clio Mastering.

“Clics” went on sale on digital media such as Bandcamp, iTunes, and for listening on streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer. Now, with this reissue in Pueblo Nuevo, it is available for the enjoyment of all those interested in this attractive combination of electronics and avant-rock.

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