Various Artists – Echoes of the Quadrature – Two –

Various Artists – Echoes of the Quadrature – Two –

Various Artists

“Echoes of the Quadrature – Two -“

Various Artists – Echoes Of The Quadrature – TWO (Insectorama146)

Echoes Of The Quadrature is the big year-end compilation. This is episode 2 of 4 with the next 23 tracks by dubtechno artists from all over the world. Many thanks to all artists who make this compilation something very special with their Tracks. 160 minutes of echoes and delays that will take you on a journey into the deepest dub valleys. Relax and enjoy these timeless tracks fit for the cold season.

Insectorama 146
Mastering and Artwork by Markus Masuhr

01.Belugani – Teilchenwelle
02.773b – Late Summer Haze
03.A Mag – Zion
04.Markus Masuhr – Black Woods (Version2)
05.faKtor.ost – negation of the new path
06.Adam Carling and Nick De Voost – Unstoppable Force
07.Chokan – 114
08.Dub Portrait – Phantom Speaker
09.Davor Tosovic – Tunnel
10.Ajnkana – Opaque
11.KYO – Pond
12.Enchord – Ascent
13.moodeep – Digital Nature
14.LutchamaK – S!S
15.Kettenreaktion – Altstadt
16.Mjulev – IIII
17.Adria Duch – what it was
18.Cbdubs – Mimbrated [Rework]
20.Ginkgo Lanugo – Can you feel
21.Dmytro Bobryk – Prirva
22.Gregi – Lost Change
23.Marc Pastco – Consumismo Modular

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