Yulio – Cosmic Fractal

Yulio – Cosmic Fractal


“Cosmic Fractal”

Yulio (Julio Muñoz) presents his fifth album “Cosmic Fractal”, an album combining electronic, ambient and cosmic elements to create a soundscape that transports you through space and time.

Cosmic fractals are geometric patterns found in nature and repeated at different scales throughout the universe. These patterns can be found in cosmic structures such as galaxies, nebulae and in the large-scale distribution of matter in the universe, generated through complex physical processes such as gravitation, turbulence and radiation.

Cosmic fractals study has helped scientists to better understand the structure and evolution of the universe. In addition, their beauty and complexity has fascinated artists, people interested in science and nature.

All this mystery was studied and clarified by Benoit Mandelbrot (1924-2010), a mathematician known for his pioneering work in fractal theory and fractal geometry. Mandelbrot was one of the first to realize the importance of self-similarity, scale in nature and complex phenomena. His work opened a new field in mathematics and computer science. His ideas have been applied in many areas, including physics, biology, economics, engineering, and music (why not?)..

From the very start, a unique atmosphere can be perceived, due to evolving and constantly changing sound effects. Yulio adds an extra complexity and texture layer to every composition, developing a character and personality of their own, wrapped by an exploratory approach, leading to even more intimate discoveries.

These energetic pieces make your senses vibrate with space-like sounds, while the more relaxing ones motivate self-reflection and contemplation.

Summing up, “Cosmic Fractal” is a fascinating listening experience, taking you on a journey through galaxies and the cosmos – a house trademark . The elements mixture, as well as sonic fractality, create a unique music work – one we recommend to any electronic music fan.

Julio Muñoz aka Yulio
(Zagreb, Croatia, June 2023)

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