Kristallo – Persecucion

Kristallo – Persecucion



Kristallo is an alternate project by the Argentine artist Pablo Reche, which he defines as his ‘B side.’ With this alias, he explores the sonic possibilities of noise in a field with a stronger presence of rhythm and pulsations, further away from the sound composed of drones. The pieces that make up the EP “Persecución” have a brief format, with a predominant sound of a primitive and rough nature that tends towards pure abstraction.

T1 > Everything begins with a mass of interference and sounds that appear as discoveries in the gaps left in the tuning bands of a radio. These units are waves with changes in their dynamics, which gradually form a constructive process of noise.

T2 > Accents in a hiss grow to form a polyrhythmic block that dissolves into a state close to silence. It’s a structure whose spectrum emerges and lingers.

T3 > In an industrially charged environment, you can feel the pulses and folds as time progresses. Each layer has its own space and communicates with the others as if in conversation. Noise bursts create the grid where everything is organized.

T4 > What remains after a burst is the shape of an echo that extends like a drone. Things become recognizable under a faint layer of sand.

T5 > In the resonant space of a tube, digital rhythmic gestures bounce, moving away from the organic roughness of the previous ones, forming a slow melody. There are openings that mark its development, transitioning from a contemplative tone to a dramatic one.

This set of tracks has the virtue of creating a calm atmosphere in which the subtlest intervals can be perceived.

Oscar Santis
(Santiago, Chile. October 2023)

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