Various Artist -HorrorLake

Various Artist – ░▼🔪🩸HorrorLake🔪🩸▼░

Various Artist


This is a dark experimental, witch house, horror music various artists compilation, inspired in the Horror movie saga: “Friday the 13th”

Humanfobia is a dark experimental, witch house, horror ambient music duo from Chile.
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Collaborators Links:
– 16bard (US):
– ONKVLO (Finland):
– Brainquake (Belgium):
– Monomorte (UK):
♾ƤЯOŞŦOЯ♾ (Kazakhstan):
– daVId attic (Canada):
– Evil Symbols (US):
– ImpulseGame (Belgium):
– Sonic Kitchen:
– Story of the Lie (Canada):
– Terror of Evil (US):
– My Own Cubic Stone (France):
– Mario Lino Stancati (Italy):
– Sona Nyl (France):
– tone tone (France):
– Rauppwar (Brazil):
– Abigail Noises (Poland):
– Insatiable Void (US):
– Lunar Eclipse (US):
– RDKPL (Czechia):
– jAMāl (France):
– Enthroned in Thorns: –
– Blix Six (Australia):
– Átheos (Germany):
– el_masmore (Spain):
– DJ_Iterate (US):
– Cosmic Disruption Orchestra (UK):
– Fabio Keiner (Austria):
– Filmy Ghost (Chile):

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