88756 – Replicate EP

88756 – Replicate EP


“Replicate EP”

Back on the quest to prove generative art can surpass human expectations, the 88756 project delivers an EP consisting of two “replicates”.

REPLICATE I is a growl infused, breakdance inspired dive into the realm of Electro / Breaks, whereas REPLICATE II builds on the same elements whilst adding a thumping 4×4 techno groove. It appears this mixed genre narrative is here to stay; observers note it enjoys the challenge.

Tying in with the AI meets creativity theme, accompanying these tracks are two pieces of generative video art: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQpg9M5CdZo&list=PLgX9ml0RkfE-TTRPOV9CNNJo6kXJ68Os2

Additionally, the album artwork for this release is a uniquely generated NFT by our friends at Eternal Fragments: opensea.io/assets/0xc8100dd81e0d8d0901b7b5831e575b03e1489057/100

As usual, these outputs are free to download from Bandcamp.
released October 9, 2021

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