Red Cosmos – Dreaming In Unison

Red Cosmos

“Dreaming In Unison “

Home-made one-man pop-psych tracks from York(UK)

Lingua Lustra – Violet


Lingua Lustra


Experimented sound designer and ambient producer from Amsterdam, Albert Borkent, arrives as Lingua Lustra to Breathe with Violet, an ep of six original tunes under his particular style as creator of deep environments and interminable spaces.
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V.A. – Inhala




Welcome to the first of two parts of Breathe’s Fifth Anniversary compilations, a dream come true thanks to all artists who have participated in this time. As always, our intention is give to listeners quality music of independent producers around the world.
All you need is open your mind and ears. In this volume you can find new music by Invector, Ohuican, In Vitro, Nathan Jo, Ray Garrido, Nulix, Frallar, ArnAck, TSS Tortue Super Sonic, AxBx, Vate, djrefugeeSW, Lomz & Lezet, Transmission 13 and Ivan Black.
Support freedom, support Bradley Manning, Alberto Patishtán Gómez and other freedom fighters.
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Jan Strach – Jan Strach Otwiera Szafkę

[UPL 050]

Jan Strach

“Jan Strach Otwiera Szafkę”

Inspired by a bout of nostalgia, Jan Strach dove into his archive of a few dozens cassette tapes full of songs recorded between ages of 16-20. After digging through a few hundred tunes, he selected the most interesting to present to you, dear listeners. From regular songs with acoustic guitar in the style of early poj.wlkp, through experiments with two cassette players, casio-created ambient, sampled rock tunes and mandolin instrumentals, Jan Strach shows creations, in perspective maybe sometimes naive, but always honest, authentic and melodically interesting.
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Kai Nobuko – One


Kai Nobuko


Kai Nobuko

One [0kbps033]

01 – One
02 – One Two
03 – One Two Three
04 – One (Covolux Remix)
05 – One Two (Covolux Remix)
06 – One Two Three (Covolux Remix)
07 – One (Do It Yourself Sample Pack)

All music made with only one unmanipulated sample.
This sample is included for pure Do It Yourself pleasure.

MAV [0kbps] Records, May 2013

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Alexei Biryukoff – Train Chase


Alexei Biryukoff

“Train Chase”

“This album is a collection of arriving and departing trains at the station in a small Siberian town Talmenka” – Alexei Biryukoff
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Longman – Akhenaten’s Dream



“Akhenaten’s Dream”

01-Millstone Justice(4:34)
02-The Expansion Of Consciousness(5:45)
03-The Reference Point(4:45)
04-Soup Of The Tendons(5:35)
05-Vietnamese Dub(6:23)
06-Cold Wind Is Moving(5:00)
07-The Social Cost Of(6:02)
08-Akhenaten’s Dream(4:34)
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Kayaka – Silence Walk



“Silence Walk”

KAYAKA is an experimental/ noise/ electronica composer, live performer, born in Tokyo, based in Europe (London, Berlin). She plays electronic and acoustic (bass clarinet, drums, bass guitar, gadgets …etc.) and has a unique, self-taught style of recording and composing. Her music is sometimes called “sonic surrealism”, mixed with those living-life-noise. Live sets are mostly improvised and different each time and she also collaborates with many artists from all around the world. She is a curator of an independent label, Pighole Records since 2007, where she exposes some of her releases and others’ experimental music containing some daily things freely holding onto strong and individual concepts.

This album was made in Ecuador in 2013. As I camped and walked through Amazon jungle with little belongings and thought of being away from human territory. Routine sound there was completely different from those which I was used to hear in my city life. You might need more of your concentration, but you are able to create anything you like in the field of wildness.

Track 6 “colibri” consists of recording I made in Mindo, Ecuador. It is a sound of humming birds. Quite many of them passing and stopping by a recorder I placed next to feeders. – They are known as hummingbirds because of the humming sound created by their beating wings, which sometimes sounds like bees or other insects. A group of hummingbirds is called a “choir.”- Indeed, powerful vibration sound they have considering their tiny bodies.

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yogur de pera – yogur de pera

Black Square Cloudcast – back to Avant-Garde IX


Black Square Cloudcast

“back to Avant-Garde IX”

“He who has cast off the world has linked it to yellow dust
Your body is like unto a wound, and you are like unto a madman.
This entire world is a yellow arrow which has pierced you through
The yellow arrow is the train on which you ride towards a ruined bridge” – Victor Pelevin “The Yellow Arrow”00:00 Aram Saroyan – Crickets [recorded in the wind-off grooves of side two] (1965)
01:55 Dariush Dolat-Shahi – Shabistan (Sehtar and Electronic) (1985)
08:18 Alexander Mossolov – Zavod, Symphony Of Machines (1926-28)
11:14 John Cage – Imaginary Landscape No.1 (1939)
18:43 Lawrence Weiner – Nothing to Lose, Side 1 (1976)
34:38 Walter Steding – Entry (1980)
36:59 Remko Scha – Guitar Mural 1 (featuring The Machines), Side A (1981)
46:22 Victor Pelevin – The Yellow Arrow (1993)
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