Wings of an Angel – Cult Of Personality

Wings of an Angel

“Cult Of Personality”

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In every man sleeps a prophet, and when he wakes there is a little more evil in the world.
(Emile M. Cioran)
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Bo Crew Hip Hop Collective – Bo Crew Hip Hop Vol. I


Bo Crew Hip Hop Collective

“Bo Crew Hip Hop Vol. I”

Artist/Composer: Bo Crew Hip Hop Collective
Keywords: TheFeeDunk Star; TheDeepr; The Corner; I.Z. aka IDzeroNo; Ames Nick Solder; The Pee Punk BROTHA; D-Ram; Dj RuffShraker; Melvin Clark; The Informers; 95 & Sailaway; D – Ram; hip-hop; media; remix; hip_hop; flyingteam; nyc; classic;
Creative Commons license: Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

Marlaja Virta – Minä Uneksin Sinusta


Marlaja Virta

“Minä Uneksin Sinusta”


■ bonus item
wallpaper for iPhone4 & 5 & wallpaper for PC &
another artwork (2type)

cover photo & track01 by Marlaja Virta
track02 remix by ono (elementperspective)

■ Marlaja Virta

I.Z. aka IDzeroNo – No StoneWall (Feat. Bo Crew aka BoCrew HipHop Collective )

I.Z. aka IDzeroNo

“No StoneWall (Feat. Bo Crew aka BoCrew HipHop Collective )”

TheFeeDunk Star, TheDeepr, The Corner, I.Z. aka IDzeroNo, Ames Nick Solder, The Pee Punk BROTHA, D-Ram, Dj RuffShraker, Melvin Clark

Burning House – Ⅱ


Burning House


Artist: Burning House
Title: Ⅱ
Genre: Shoegaze
Country: UK
Format: MP3 [320 kbps; stereo; 44,1 kHz

Zoltan Freitag – Krasnojarsk


Zoltan Freitag


Artist: Zoltan Freitag
Title: Krasnojarsk
Genre: Coldwave; Synthwave
Country: Italy
Format: MP3 [320 kbps; stereo; 44,1 kHz]

Jan Strach – O.O.S.

UPL 054

Jan Strach


Jan Strach returns with a collection of songs gathered from his short lived “Out of Strach” project which presented each month a new short film, photos, a short story and two pieces of music. The songs were recorded between January and May and due to the time constraints JS had to go with the first inspiring thought that he got at the moment – whichgave some great and varied results. The opening track is based on the reversed melody of “Frere Jacques” but ends in a stoner feakout. There are atmospheric pieces about being followed by a woman driver and the death of dr Greene from the hit tv series “E.R.”; a tribute to Opel Astra over 5 different melodies in 3 different genres. Apparent are irregular rhythms and non-obvious melodies which JS has much love for, and equally much amateur passion and diy spirit, as always on the Underpolen netlabel.

“Eddie Huragan” is dedicated to mr Eddie Palmer of the tremendous The Fucked Up Beat, who fought the hurricane.

“Suddenly a bird” was written to graduate the online songwriting course at Berkeley music school.

Burning House – Burning House


Burning House

“Burning House”

Artist: Burning House
Title: Burning House
Genre: Shoegaze
Country: UK
Format: MP3 [320 kbps; stereo; 44,1 kHz]


Burning House have created a sepia-tinted sound that is both pastoral and psychedelic. The glacial arpeggios, the guttural feedback that owe’s much to the cinema of Andrei Tarkovsky, as it does to the likes of Red House Painters and My Bloody Valentine.
The music truly takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions which evolves a certain sadness, elation, but also black humor.

V.A. – AFA presents… Roncheras



“AFA presents… Roncheras”

This album is the fruit of our love of art. This means you can listen to it, dance to it, play it, cut it up and share it without spending a single yen. Those who have participated range from stars of underground Ukrainian dance, to Spanish comic authors. A.F.A.’s only aim is to have fun and to share what we make with as many people as possible so they can have fun with us. Or they can hate us and want to strangle us with a spiky wire. As long as it’s with love, anything goes.

V.A. – AFA presents… Es Incurable. Es Navidad.



“AFA presents… Es Incurable. Es Navidad.”

Bizarre christmas album by Amalgamated Futureless Artists, released in January 2013.

T.A. – Romance EP



“Romance EP”

Artist….: T.A.
Title….: Romance EP
Catalog#….: DAST081
Label….: DAST Net Recordings
Medium….: 2 x File / EP
Playtime….: 10min 52sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1411 kBit/s)
Country….: Germany….: 5 May 2013
Artwork….: RtM / M. Kirschenstein*
Genre….: Electronic
Style….: Tech-House, House

Wings Of An Angel – Hester Panim

Beira – Carillon

[Petroglyph 060]



Carillon is a simple and short collection of melancholy sounds and nostalgic tunes. Protagonist of this tunes is the magical Music-box!
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Various Artists – Retrovision


Various Artists


In our era of information society overwhelmed with modern content there are moments when longing for the ages gone immerges you into delightful nostalgia. Melodies and grooves from the past times help setting the right climate and artists from Mixgalaxy Records would gladly assist. On this compilation you will find retro blended with contemporary forms as well as authentic vintage sound. So uncork the champaign and hide yourself from the rush of days for a little while.
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Candlegravity – A Suicide


lefolk – ludmila

lefolk – ludmila

Es ist Sommer …. Hitze …. alles langsam …. endlos …. Hoffnung …

Intoxicated Piano – Vice versa


Intoxicated Piano

“Vice versa”

Please welcome Intoxicated Piano – a one person project, created by Oxy (Oksana Rumyantseva). You have already heard her captivating voice on Insanity13’s release Tragedy Triumph back in our catalogue. Intoxicated Piano was started in 2012 in Izhevsk, Russia and since then turned into performing act with many people joining Oxy on live concerts. Oksana is a talented multi-instrumentalist and a vocalist often collaborating with fellow musicians on their project. This EP could be described as a pensive indie pop with elements of trip-hop, strong atmosphere and sharp-cut style. You are all invited to take a bite and tell us what you think about it.
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Wings Of An Angel – On Borrowed Spiritual Time (A Travelogue)

[Self Release]

Wings Of An Angel

“On Borrowed Spiritual Time (A Travelogue)”

A Personal Travelogue Through Various Stations In My Life… Transcendental, Haunting, Lonely Memories Of Momentary Bliss and Profound Melancholia…

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yogur de pera – yogur de pera

Pioggia d’ambra – Musick for ghosts


Pioggia d’ambra

“Musick for ghosts”

Italy’s Pioggia d’ambra is back with another collection of self-described Depressive Ambient entitled Musick for ghosts. Recorded some time ago, but never released until now, this hour-long album was inspired by a lost love and its seven tracks, in the words of the artist, “range from freakish lo-fi folk to depressive drones and noise assault.” Despite the wide swings in style, the feeling of loss is pervasive throughout Musick for ghosts. Much like a ghost itself, melodies hover vaguely in the air, more of a suggestion than a framework upon which the songs are built. Occasionally there are vocals, seemingly moaned and whispered at no one in particular, and guitar pops up here and there, sometimes clean, but more often heavily processed through several effects until it sounds like mechanical wailing. When it comes to weird production techniques, Pioggia d’ambra pulls out all the stops: reversing phrases in post-production, overdubbing atmospheric drones, and filling the album with small expressions and eccentric details that keep the most droning parts of this collection as dynamic and engaging as the busier material. Above all else, and this project has a lot going for it, this attention to detail places Pioggia d’ambra a cut above much of the netlabel dark ambient jet set, and makes Musick for ghosts a haunting and inspiring experience.
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Wings Of An Angel – Apocalyptic Love Poems For The End Of The World

Wings Of An Angel

“Apocalyptic Love Poems For The End Of The World”

1. It’s The Final Night Before The Next Big Bang, So While Everybody Is Busy Feeling Blue And Crestfallen… I’m Having The Best Time Of My Life!
2. My Tri-Headed Tibetan Skull Bead Necklace Is The Only Protection I Need On Doomsday… As Friendship Is Now Cosmically Worthless!
3. The Terrible Ambience Was Everywhere, Inescapable, Earthshaking, Horrifying. People All Over The World Were Locked Within It As If They Were Animals In A Zoo
4. Perhaps I’ve Failed, Perhaps I’ve Been Wrong My Entire Life, But My Lifelong Sadness Has Never Been As Beautiful As It Has Been On This Everlasting Night
5. Sages Often Proclaim That It’s Never Too Late To Love Your Child… They Just Didn’t Take Into Account ‘The End Of The World’ Scenario
6. Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh (The Gruesome Resurrection Of All The Dead Messiahs)
7. The Ancient Art Of Depression (Engulfed In Unspeakable Sadness, As Though Silence Had Lost Its Voice)
8. Therein Hide My Beautiful Shadows Of Self Destruction (Your Tenderness Cannot Save Me Anymore…)
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trans alp – randzone

trans alp


this piece starts very silent and builds up rather slowly, but you will be rewarded if you can stand it …

it has been composed on the occasion of an exhibition by sebastian gündel at ausstellungsraum bautzner69 and consists of fieldrecordings and layers of analogue synth lines.

released 17 April 2013
written, peformed and recorded by sebastian drichelt.
cover artwork contains photographies by katja dannowski and sebastian drichelt.

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Deviant Systems – CarrierWave Ep


Deviant Systems

“CarrierWave Ep”

Label: Radio Of The Pickled Gizmo
Catalog#: rotpg005
Format: 2 x File, Wav, Flac, MP3, 320 kbps
Country: Sweden
Released: 18 Mar 2013
Genre: Electronic
Style: AmbstepTracklist:
01 – The Shift (4:42)
02 – Binocular (4:53)
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<a “”>…

Pioggia d’ambra – Il triste inverno animico


Pioggia d’ambra

“Il triste inverno animico”

Italy’s Pioggia d’ambra describes its new mini-album Il triste inverno animico as “depressive ambient,” and it is such a fitting description. Each track has an atmosphere that brings to mind the ambient sections of DSBM bands like Russia’s All The Cold and Epitimia and the depressive jam band Deep-Pression. Hollow guitar phrases occasionally ring out amongst a hazy, dark atmosphere of lush washes of sound, odd mechanical sighing, and processed industrial clanking, like a lost astronaut adrift in the swirling galaxy, or perhaps a death industrial Sigur Rós. Il triste inverno animico is an amazing exercise in the power of subtlety.
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Beira – Carillon

Violeta Päivänkakkara – kukkia


Violeta Päivänkakkara



■ bonus item
wallpaper for iPhone5 (lock & home screen) &
wallpaper for PC & another artwork (EPV ver.)

all tracks by Violeta Päivänkakkara
artwork by Marlaja Virta [ ]

■ Violeta Päivänkakkara
Violeta was born in Helsinki (Finland) in 1992. She has always felt drawn to cosmology, planets, nature and the dream world. She creates environments and personal and melancholic atmospheres, using instruments like the glockenspiel, guitar, piano and electronic sounds
of nature, among others. She currently lives between Helsinki and Barcelona.:: KUU (1st EP) ::
La Gramola Netlabel (2012) [LGN017]

:: Pimeässä (2nd EP) ::
elementperspective (2012) [EPV_107]

:: bandcamp(Violeta) ::
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VA – readymedia – Klangboot Radio #038 ~ Winter/Mute! ~


VA – readymedia

“Klangboot Radio #038 ~ Winter/Mute! ~ “


Artists/Labels: klangboot, readymedia, podcast, netaudio, ccaudio, creative commons, id Submerged, kahvi, until the ribbon breaks, silenced, Mr.Dee, picpack, neuf meuf, nosource, Nye, yonetlabel, Phil Gerus, [micro:form], phonocake, lefolk, restingbell, Pandacetamol, rec72, Dan Hiroshi, rawmatroid, Yan Olsen, Izzat Man, energostatic, Brandumize, starquakerecords

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