Samson Sounds is an up-coming outfit within the city of Glasgow. Incorporating musical elements from African highlife and blues, to Kwaito and steppas with a heavyweight dub base. The grooves played are tight, solid and never fail to bring warm happy vibes to any event.

A highly diverse group, the use of digital elements, gives them the ability to set up in limited spaces bringing live music to where only DJs have played before. It also allows soundsystem-heavy music to be played live at similar levels to those of a DJ with ease.

Originally started with a soundsystem, DJing and solo productions by Anders Samson the band began in earnest when, King Raja and Willie G joined, bringing trombone and guitar to the table. From here the sound really progressed. Willie’s rapid African plucking and Rajas melodic brass gave a much wider scope for the music pushing the boundaries out from the solely electronic into a fresh blend of live instruments and digital sounds. With the addition of singer Easy Oze in early 2012 the group had reached the fullness of today. Easy Oze’s sweet and sometimes deceptively high voice, cuts a path while also providing deep soul vocals to soothe it back over. This group will always bring style and smiles to any party, regardless of the crowd.
released 27 September 2013
Owen Patrick – Vocals
Roger Marsh – Trombone
William Greensmith – Guitar
Anders “Samson” – Electronics

Music & Lyrics by Samson Sounds

Red Star Martyrs – I & I (EP)


Red Star Martyrs

“I & I (EP)”

Blessed with a devotion to dub and roots culture and politicised by the inequalities that haunt a world of plenty, Red Star Martyrs have arrived as the latest incarnation of musician and producer Stanley Wood. As a member of cult Birmingham reggae outfit Route 81, Stanley learnt his trade as a guitarist and gigging musician before becoming part of guerrilla graffiti specialists and urban raconteurs Echo Base. Here he encountered for the first time the mystical world of the recording studio and within it, the wonders of the Roland Space Echo – a love affair was born.

The romance bloomed with the arrival of affordable technology, enabling those that dared to dream the chance to create their own Channel One studio. The logical outcome for Stanley was Shotgun Rockers. From producing original dubs for the Dub Nation sound system, Shotgun Rockers became recording artists for Zip Dog, Nubian and Tanty records at the moment when a new breed of dub was being formed, introducing the energy of European dance music to inspiration from the legends of the Jamaican dub.

Fast forward to the now and Red Star Martyrs exist as an open collective where roots and dub artists from all over the world are invited to contribute and collaborate, bringing a message of love, unity and political consciousness. Oh yeah, and to have fun too, because roots dub music is what makes us all smile, right?

Their first EP includes two tracks, “Insurrection” & “Independence”, accompanied by the appropriate dubs for your personal recreation. “Insurrection” is a heavy stepper tune, followed by two exclusive mixes in one drop and breakbeat style. First appearance of Mrs Boo La La aka Bec Crispin on “Independence” spreading the rootical vibrations all the way.

Ayqix – Pijchuy EP (The Versions)



“Pijchuy EP (The Versions)”

[TMONG019] Ayqix – Pijchuy EP (The Versions)

01 – Ayqix – Pijchuy (Ischigualasto’s Version) | 06:43
02 – Ayqix – Pijchuy (Ohrwert Alter) | 05:30
03 – Ayqix – Mask’ax (Diaguita’s Version) | 09:25


Temiong Recordings – 2013

Various Artists – Sound of Paper 2


Various Artists

“Sound of Paper 2”

paper+sound is a newish Toronto based electronic music label, releasing music under the broad sub-categories of ambient, techno, house, dub, downtempo and experimental sounds.

Sound of Paper 2 is a FREE 37 minute mixed collection of tracks taken from the three latest releases on the paper+sound label.

Sauna Porch Recordings Co. is the latest release by Toronto electronic music scene veteran HEIKI. It’s a collection of new music entirely composed and recorded on the porch of the rustic sauna cabin his father designed and built in Georgian Bay over 35 years ago.

Climate Adaptive Capacity is another foray into to the psyche of naw’s abstract interpretations of the world we live in. As in the past naw draws in his continued inspiration of the sound ecology of cities, places and spaces he encounters on a daily basis. naw (Neil Wiernik) began composing electronic music in 1988 with explorations in audio art and experimental music.

Spectral Omissions by CHROMOSPHERE is the newest solo project of Digital Poodle and Kinder Atom alumnus Kris Helstrom. Often tightly packed with special guests, Chromosphere is an electro-forum for odd, and sometimes not so odd, musical ideas. Experimental and urbane improvisations jammed loosely over oozing break-beats most easily describes the sound from within the Chromosphere.

Telegraphy – Interpretations




album: “Interpretations”
media format: MP3 (320 kbps)

track listing:

01: Misinterpretations………………………………………..11:21 min
02: Interpretations……………………………………………..7:11 min
03: Space………………………………………………………10:09 min
04: Space Squared …………………………………………..5:12 min
05: Space Quaded ……………………………………………8:19 min
06: Space Cubed ……………………………………………..8:40 min

To interpret is all in the eyes of the beholder. Different world views and opinions varies widely from individuals. All of us has our own unique sense of reality that we somehow like to share with the rest. Weather it’s good or bad, you and I compute the external environment to our own liking.

Keeping this in mind, “Interpretations” an album of collected dubed sound-scapes by Ionosonde’s resident artist Telegraphy, pushes the listener into outer space where a sterile environment is present to be used as a medium for sound interpretation. If it isn’t warm and bright for one person, it’s cold and dark for another. It’s all how you interpret it.

So space-out with us !

Mexican Stepper – The Mad Sunday EP


Mexican Stepper

“The Mad Sunday EP”

Dubophonic introduces Mexican Stepper. Born in Mexico, Yasser Serano has been into music since his childhood. His anxiety to contribute to the reggae and dub scene led him into participating in many festivals in Mexico with important recognitions. Tapping into different rhythms but mainly with stepper productions, Yasser introduces 2009 his Mexican Stepper project with the intention of creating a new dub proposal in his homeland Mexico. Little he knew that his sound would soon overcome the borders of his country and spread like a virus all around the world. Living proof of this is the willingness of many artists from all around the world to join his effort, offering their own musical interpretations on Yasser’s tune.

Mexican Stepper’s first EP consists of the title track “Mad Sunday”, a hard stepper tune with an ethnic feel, accompanied by an ever so exiting dub cut. Just to step it up a bit more, we included some exclusive remixes by artists who were already introduced on previous releases like Dub-I (RUS) and Negritage (ARG), but also by Dubophonic newcomers Svaha Sound System (UK), Injham (FR), Mr. Lion AKA Jahstyle (CAN) and Mr Mefisto (PR).

Each track is more than just a remix. It is a brand new interpretation of the main tune with each artist reconstructing the basic tune according to his unique style. Negritage makes a dirty rough rootical stepper out of it, Dub-I transforms the hard stepper into a musical dub experiment, Mr Mefistou incorporates the revolutionary speech of the Bolivian president Evo Morales after the trouble he faced in Europe due to his pro Snowden attitude, while Injham introduces a complete recut of the tune. Big versions by BBC Introducing Artist of 2012 Svaha Sound System and the Canadian Mr. Lion.

Knolios – Dub Techno Mix 4



“Dub Techno Mix 4”

01-Matt Thibideau, Jakob Thiesen-animator
02-Mekha-Immersion (Reshape)
03-F.l.o.-Still Missing You (Minimal Boffin Remix)
04-De Fat-Stereobird In Space
05-Overcast Sound Feat. Jenny Mayhem-Settle [OVC Mix]
06-upwellings-digital rain
07-baumfreund feat. valerie in love-sun mind

Dj Mama Purl – Podcast.13 (Duchess Of Dub – Drink Deep Dub)


Dj Mama Purl

“Podcast.13 (Duchess Of Dub – Drink Deep Dub)”

DJ Mama Purl (Canada) brings us this magnificent set where shows his artistic side in the mix, very profound music to give free rein to your imagination.

Great selection of music that will make this time that unforgettable.

echogarden – compilation vol1



“compilation vol1”

echogarden is the place to be for everyone who’s heart beats for dub techno. It’s the place where dub meets deep, where the air is filled with echo and where chords and atmospheric sounds intermingle.

Yet, echogarden is about much more than just the music. It’s about experiencing the adventure of linking sound, people and nature with all your senses. It’s about people coming together to discover and celebrate a new kind of happening.

Be part of it: Join echogarden and make it flourish.

24|08|2013 [2:00 p.m.] – 25|08|2013 [6:00 a.m.]
Austria | Linz | Tabakfabrik
Peter-Behrens-Platz 11, 4020 Linz

Med Dred – Dred Reggae EP


Med Dred

“Dred Reggae EP”

Dubophonic has turned toward Cyprus this time and to the local artists, introducing one of the most active Cypriot artists in the reggae scene. Producer & riddim maker Med Dred has always been into music, addicted from the young age of 7, a good 20+ years ago! He is one of those artists, who are passionate with their music. Studied in the United Kingdom City & Guilds (Sound Engineer), the Cypriot artist then went off to further his studies with a Bachelor’s Degree in Texas and a Master’s Degree in the UK at the Trinity Southern University. He has been refining his sound ever since.

“Reggae has always been my passion as I was brought up in Brixton and went school there so my musical influence has always been a heavy bassline on a reggae riddim. Some of my mentors are: The Scientist, King Tubby, Black Uhuru, Mad Professor, Sly & Robbie, Bob Marley, Eek a Mouse, Gregory Isaacs … and too many more Kings, not enough room here to mention! Jah Guide, Protect & Bless all.” – Med Dred

On his debut release on Dubophonic netlabel, Med Dred introduces a style that is deeply rooted in the history of reggae music. Inspired by the old dub masters and sound engineers of Jamaica, Med Dred manages to assimilate their sound and transform it into something new, either by incorporating his own custom made effects, improvising on the melodica or using his voice snippets to send out his anti-Babylon messages.

The “Dred Reggae” EP includes six tracks, dubbed and remixed by Med Dred exclusive for the Dubophonic netlabel. Heavy one drops, deep echoes and reverbs, heart pounding bass lines and conscious lyrics are the ingredients of his musical recipe. Accompanied by many guests, Med Dred creates his own personal sound, still remaining true to the original roots of reggae music.

Special participation of Ted Sirota (drums) on “Jahnoy”, Felix Dub Caravan (bass) on “Jahnoy” and “Dub-o-phonic words”, Christopher Pound and Tian (bass) on “Bal Ed Dred” and Peter Attah (vocals) on “Attah Dred”.

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Ginging – Elle E.P



“Elle E.P”

We hope you enjoy it as much as we our work number 11 brought directly from Japan through the artist Ginging.
4 tracks and a remix of Retouched focusing environments dubtechno and succulent and profound journey that will not leave indifferent any listener.
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Mekha – Immersion LP



“Immersion LP”

Experimental bass and deep techno tracks.

Mekha provides a deep, introspective selection of tracks, working in his own dark glitchy beeped-up dub-techno style of beatmaking with a range of collaborators.

Spaceape-esque vocals from MegaZimze, dusty female focals from Snowflake and a host of far-out remixes from Dsve Hosx, The Raging Sea, Emmerichk and Plug.

This is headphone electronica at it’s most polished.

Substak – Mutant (Remixes Edition)

Beira – Carillon

[Petroglyph 060]



Carillon is a simple and short collection of melancholy sounds and nostalgic tunes. Protagonist of this tunes is the magical Music-box!
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Mas&Delayer – Northern Line Dreamin’ EP



“Northern Line Dreamin’ EP”

Artist: Mas&Delayer
Title: Northern Line Dreamin’ EP
Genre: Electronic, Chillout, Trip-Hop
Format: MP3 [320 kbps; stereo; 44,1 kHz]
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Zion Dirty Sound – Fils d’ Abraham


Zion Dirty Sound

“Fils d’ Abraham”

The story of Djirbil and Faida is like a fairy tale and is just as amazing as their music. Djibril was born in the suburbs of Paris back in 1986 and started making music by playing guitar, bass and drums in punk rock bands in the north of France and Belgium, while later he landed from punk to reggae/dub/jungle through some friends who were operating a sound system. The other half of the band, Faida AKA Sister Raphaelle, was born 1986 in Mamoudzou, Comoros, between Madagascar and Mozambique. She started singing from childhood, influenced by the soul of the African music. 1996 she arrives to France to live in the suburbs of Paris.

The two got closer together during one of their gigs as members of the Acoustic Groove Orchestra and their love story has led into marriage. Their new life was accompanied by the creation of a new band, 2 years ago. Since then they are composing and recording their own music in their own home studio under the name of Zion Dirty Sound.

Their music is an amalgamation of different styles and is the result of the different cultures they both represent. The African/Comodian roots blend with the Europrean/French music, all fused nicely with arab/indian/latino culture, influenced by their social life and their travels around the world. Add a touch of dub and you got magic going through your ears!

“Fils d’ Abraham” is a compilation of Zion Dirty Sound’s best music from previous releases and from tracks scattered around the internet, plus we exclusively included four brand new tracks. Load them on your media player, press the play button and embark on an ethnic journey of irieness. Feel the vibes and follow the journey of Djibril and Faida from Africa to Latin America over Europe, on their quest to interact with different cultures and search through music for a higher vision of life.

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Knolios – Dub Techno Mix 3



“Dub Techno Mix 3”

01-Air Protection Office-June (Mauro Martinuz dub version)
03-Teemu T-differences
05-Deni Diezer- Where We Do Not
06-Bifold Dub – OhmikRonz ReDreamer remix
07-Cliff Tower – Paradox
08-Alessandro Crimi & Patrick Zig-Out Of The Bedroom
09-Cold Fiction Music-Immersion
10-Triames-Lanthanum (Asedub High Tech Jazz Reconstruction)
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Asedub/Cliff Tower – Atmosphere Delayed


Asedub/Cliff Tower

“Atmosphere Delayed”

1. Asedub – Recel

2. Cliff Tower – Lost Echoes

3. Asedub – Regel

4. Cliff Tower – Paradox

5. Asedub – Rexel

6. Cliff Tower – Slow Pathway

Our reference number 10 bring us Asedub and Cliff Tower showing 6 cuts where we have as protagonists great atmospheres and very deep environments.

music to dream and enjoy..

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Borstal Boy – Perspectives From The Medicine Cabinet


Borstal Boy

“Perspectives From The Medicine Cabinet”

Artist: Borstal Boy
Title: Perspectives From The Medicine Cabinet
Genre: Dub; Ambient
Format: MP3 [128 kbps; stereo; 44,1 kHz]
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Roots Echo – Hidden Structures EP


Roots Echo

“Hidden Structures EP”

VKRS Radio and Netlabel are pleased to present from the Netherlands the Arist “ Roots Echo ” with his first release on the VKRS Netlabel.
Roots Echo loves to blend sounds and styles as he sees fit with influences ranging from novel sounds online to the harmony and drive of classic and contemporary modern styles. Roots Echo Hidden Structures EP release on the VKRS Netlabel is a slight slap on the wrist for the popularity od dubstep and trap indeed as Roots Echo states “ The less tasty sounds become, the more people devour it … ”
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ivliss – The Cure is the Springsound



“The Cure is the Springsound”

Eleventh release of Sincro Netlabel.
ivliss’s second album released on our platform.

Doses of dub, soundscapes and distortion as structure of his work.
Asolaar’s collaboration and production on the track Borejam as well.

His current residence, and the Southern Hemisphere winter inspired
Iván Lissandrello who shows us a dark trip into dub and industrial.

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Negritage – Guetto roots of dub (Vol. 1)



“Guetto roots of dub (Vol. 1)”

It all started a few years ago in Argentina in the “Lavadero Records Dub Temple” when some childhood friends were sharing their passion for “di roots & kulcha music” and exploring the dub sounds and the Jamaican tradition. Past, present and future are represented in their sounds. Analogue vibes meets the new waves of dub vibrations of the 21century. After some time they moved to another place called “Cuca Roots” where they recorded some dubplates included in this album (Dubophonic head special, More dub, Another dub in the guetto) and now they are building a new studio called “El fuerte dub foundation”.

All members of Negritage, William, Nacho, Leo, Pato and Herno have played together since childhood and are still play together almost every weekend, continuing their musical journey, helping each other to record the instruments for the tracks. It’s all kind of random: sometimes William plays the drums or the keys, Nacho plays bass & guitars like Leo. Pato plays percussion and drums like Herno … at the end, they all let the sound speak for himself!

Negritage’s gear is whatever is available, some time analogs other times digitals, mixer consoles for the overdubbers, a turntable for the vocal samples, sometimes a Kawai drum machine from the eighties.

“Don’t forget we are children of di third world so the gear its a few years delayed or its to expensive but this is not a problem to continue with the positve vibes mi amigo the creator allways provide!”

“Give thanks & praises to all di artist who collab whit Negritage and inspired to create dis soundz. They are: JamYork original roots defender activist, Sennid di migthy voice of thunder of Jah. the great Sammy Gold, the Dub dillers dub foundation of di third world. Spesahl greetings to all dub-o-phonic family for di support! Heartikal salute to all di dubbers all ouvah di world and for all di people who promote the roots & kulcha message!”

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Telegraphy – Rain’en On My Feet


“Rain’en On My Feet”

A present to you from Ionosonde Recordings. A single by Telegraphy
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Air Protection Office – JUNE


Air Protection Office


produced by EKAR RECORDS label
all tracks are released under a Creative Commons license BY-NC-ND. -International-

1- June (original)
2- June (Alan Backdrop Re-edit)
3- June (Mauro Martinuz Dub version)

Written,produced and recorded by Air Protection Office
Mixed and Mastered at Transfert studio by : Mauro Martinuz
Cover design by Air Protection Office
Photo artwork all right reserved Fabio Zagolin

JUNE by Air Protection Office is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribuzione – Non commerciale – Non opere derivate 3.0 Unported.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

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Ayqix – Awkish (Remixes Edition)



“Awkish (Remixes Edition)”

Ayqix – Awkish (Remixes Edition) Includes remixes by: Maurizio Miceli, Fingers in the Noise, Axs, Markus Masuhr and Orson Throb | Cover design by Neural Visuals | You can download this release on
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Telegraphy – Alter Rd.



“Alter Rd. “

Dark Detroit techno with very heavy dubed soundscapes gives this album a place in the underground music scene. Telegraphy once again, delivers yet another minimal dubed techno sound that is a far cry from his signature sound.
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From the vast area of Siberia/Russia, a new dub sound is created. Kirill aka Dub-i has been composing and recording electronic music for the last 5 years, keeping his productions hidden from the mainstream. Inspired by the Rastafarian movement, he dares to combine the roots/reggae dub with the modern sounds of his environment, creating irie soundcsapes, pushing the dub as we know, it into new unexplored areas.

Dubophonic is proud to to have Dub-I’s “Creation” as the first release on the netlabel. The name of his album symbolizes not only the birth of our new netlabel, but also the birth of a new sound. His album “Creation”, released only in digital format, aims to lead all sound-travelers to adventurous dub journeys of experimental ambiance. Dub-I’s special vision on dub music is to fill the heart of each and every one of us with with love and peace, through the earthly vibrations and the deep musicality of his tracks.

The ten tracks, of which four are just over two minutes long, are different than the conventional style of dub, as we know it today. Nevertheless we should be proud of his musical innovations, since dub is all about experimenting.

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