Sound & Motion – Air Lifting (YetTken Remixes)


Sound & Motion

“Air Lifting (YetTken Remixes)”

ir Lifting (YetTken Remixes) [SOMO010] (August 30, 2012)
08:251 Air Lifting (YetTken’s Gooby Pls Remix)
12:012 Air Lifting (YetTken’s Baboon Version)
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We’re back (well, we never left)! Now we’re with the magical 10th release of Sound & Motion, in charge of Sound & Motion (You didn’t see that comin’, did you?). But, you know, sometimes we have to release some lovely exclusive stuff that’s been on the HDD for long time, waiting for someone to listen to it.

So, instead of releasing some original stuff (by the way, wait a little bit more ’cause they’ll release a new EP with some BRAND NEW ORIGINAL TRACKS soon!), let’s thank YetTken for remixing the classic “Air Lifting”. Twice! And letting us release both remixes in this lovely EP titled “Air Lifting (YetTken Remixes)” (so original, ain’t it?).

The first track is YetTken’s “Gooby Pls” remix. This one is a melodic Techno track with a banger kick and some tight drums that go along with a lovely lead that creates a mellow atmosphere and makes this tracks stand out. But wait… Wait ’till the track becomes darker with some irregular keys and stabs breaking through until some agressive percussions hit the spot and give us the climax of this piece.

The second remix is the “Baboon” version. While his first remix is a banger, this time YetTken gives us a lovely minimalistic Tech-House filled with bongos and micro percussions. Then the first notes of the lead appear smoothly along with some shakers generating a long yet special atmosphere with a lovely vibe before the incredible outro of the track that will make you replay this journey a lot of times.

As a bonus, we also give youa Dolan comic featuring Gooby! What a lovely bonus, isn’t it?

Ok, I’ll stop this bla bla bla and let you download. Now, enjoy the Sound & Motion experience!

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