Telegraphy – Deep Tape Loops

Telegraphy – Deep Tape Loops


“Deep Tape Loops”

“Deep Tape Loops” is the first full length album by resident artist Telegraphy. A project put together that consists of modified cassette tape loops, laptop, vintage vacuum tube receiver, and various analog effects. “Deep Tape Loops” delves into basic minimal-techno dub using vintage techniques.

Trying to make new sounds in a analog way is mighty difficult. In the age of sophisticated audio manipulation software where the novice can created wonderful sounds with ease, it just no wounder why many artist have dropped their analog gear for virtual equipment. Telegraphy on the other hand, has taken minimal-techno back in time, where all that was available was analog.

Synth loops were provided by cassette tape loops along with various analog effects. By using these loops, a more rich sound was produced which was not obtained by traditional software based methods.

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