Moolsaasa – Sleepless EP



“Sleepless EP”

Our first release of the 2016 comes by the artist Moolsaasa in CD format, It´s a dedicated work 100% dub techno with five tracks of high quality.

Designed and mastered by Retouched (Raul G.)

Limited to 50 copies, do not stay without yours!

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DRONARIVM – Into The White (New Year’s 2016 free compilation)



“Into The White (New Year’s 2016 free compilation)”

Year’s end, all
corners of this
floating world, swept.

– Basho

released January 3, 2016

Compiled by Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq) & Dmitry Taldykin
Mastered by Porya Hatami
Cover photo by Lena Lello

V/A – Lo​-​Fi Fidelity



“Lo​-​Fi Fidelity”

New melancholic compilation “Lo-Fi Fidelity”, arranged through the efforts of two producers – Hank Hobson and Hobotek within the framework of their collaborative project H + H2 – is designed in a cold and sometimes gloomy tone. The tone which creates that autumnal touch specific for the season. Plangent ambient and drone, pensive trip-hop and experimental electronica make one wonder about the internal quality of music, its message and the atmosphere created by the melodies. Musicians whose works are represented in the compilation protest against the lack of spirit in the modern world where the value of ideas is substituted by the masterly performance, and brandish their fidelity to the ideals of the past, when the music was considered to reflect the musician’s perception of the world. The ideas that are so often forgotten now.
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Ars Sonor – Future Journeys

Ars Sonor

“Future Journeys”

“A new door opens through the broken heart, and, sadly, it’s always like that. It’s unbelievable… how much pain is around still, how much stuff I have to release… henceforth. The more you dig, the more comes up. But, I’m afraid, there’s no other way, other than this kind of therapy. Releasing old music. It’s still a lot to do, but at least with less stuff I’ll be able to crawl through this hole to another side. It looks as bleak as on this side, but it’s better than stay here. And then… future journeys will be possible” (Ars Sonor)

XSTN – Gravity




Title: Gravity
Artist: XSTN
Label: Stato Elettrico
Cat. : SE065
Genre: Experimental, Techno
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Dr.800XL – Epifanía




“Epifanía (Epiphany) (From the Latin epiphanīa: f. manifestation, appearance, or revelation). – This corresponds to the final album of the trilogy initiated in 2006 with ‘Anomia‘ (pn007), continued then with ‘Vesania‘ (pn047) in 2009; and, as such, it continues the course and the dynamic of these 3 states (the diffuse confusion in the beginning, the unbridled madness of the mature conflict, and then, the illumination and calm of the resolution), trying to give an account of various biographical and creative states of the author. ‘Epifanía‘ establishes itself, at the same time, as a point of inflection with profound changes to the stylistic and discursive in this delightfully haphazard route that is life and its creatures-creations.”

Felipe Zúñiga Herranz aka Dr.800XL
(Santiago, Chile, diciembre 2015)

“‘Epifanía‘ (Epiphany), completes the trilogy of Dr.800XL for Pueblo Nuevo… an exercise in electronica of high flight, fresh and full of spatiality. Reunification of samples in a Down-tempo beat, with techno tinges and with a palette of spatial/temporal synthesis of ambient tone. In this multiverse of intricate breaks, playful glitches, with contemplative tone and with a marked experimental accent, Felipe Zúñiga Herranz drives the pulleys to give us a work that makes its impression on the listening, through the richness and variety of the compositions. A disc that crowns in an exiting way this musical/discursive continuity… in good time Doc.”

Héctor “Polar” Aguilar
Integrante del dúo Lluvia Acida / Lluvia Ácida member.
(Punta Arenas, Chile, diciembre 2015)

“The Sound as a tool of echolocation for tracing emotional and mental maps. The Beats like serial lightning strikes forming thoughts. The Sequences forming successive images that vanish at the boundary between the Conscious and the Unconscious. Glitches like nervous tics that we strive to conceal. Arpeggios of Acoustic Guitar that evoke moments that will not return. Synths that move around like cirrus in the sky that our eyes can span. Reverbs that bounce off the walls of our internal cavern. This is how I can describe this “Epiphany” that Felipe Zuñiga gives us today. Fast, enlightening, but not ephemeral. If we listen carefully to them, his pieces take the form of portals, on whose threshold oscillate vibrations that evoke a wide palette of colors, playful and far from the claim of superiority of the Musician above the Listener. Thank you very much for this album, Felipe: I believe that you were happy creating it, and in these times, to share that is a significant and necessary gesture.”

Rafael Cheuquelaf
Integrante del dúo Lluvia Acida / Lluvia Ácida member.
(Punta Arenas, Chile, diciembre 2015)

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LZRVS – For tonight you’re only here to know



“For tonight you’re only here to know”

Artist: LZRVS
Artwork: Luca Mascioli
Mastering: Fulvio Vitale aka Flux
Title: For tonight you’re only here to know
Genre: Future Beats
Released on: 04/12/2015

Description (Curated by Marco Stilo)

In full consciousness and introspective phase. Perhaps this is the key to open Lzrs sound door. Certainly, it’s the essential theme between the producer and Sostanze Records for the making of ‘For Tonight You’re Only Here to Know’, the winning debut record by the Italian artist. Such a release pushing for getting what we have around us. A sound apparently melancholic which does not hide emotive charges towards a romantic evolution. Lzrs softly gets up on the stage but at the same time his elegance shows immediately a significant attetion for its message, codified by distorsions and atmospheres playing up the trip created by its music. In love with Lzrs.

In piena fase introspettiva e di sviluppo della conoscenza . Forse è questa la chiave per aprire la porta dei suoni di Lzrs. Sicuramente è il filo conduttore tra il produttore e Sostanze Records nella realizzazione di ”For Tonight You’re Only Here to Know” , debutto vincente dell’artista italiano. Una release che penetra nella voglia di riflettere e capire ciò che ci circonda. Un suono all’apparenza malinconico ma che non nasconde cariche emotive tendenti ad un’evoluzione romantica della musica proposta dall’artista. Lzrs è morbido nell’entrata in scena ma al tempo stesso la sua eleganza desta subito grande attenzione per la profondità del messaggio codificato da distorsioni e atmosfere che amplificano la missione del viaggio creato dalla sua musica. In love with Lzrs.


1. Punk Skin
2. Lost Keys
3. We Raving
4. Struggle feat. D R H O N E

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Various – Waves




Here at Kahvi we’re exceptionally proud of our yearly compilation release – and here, finally, is the VA release for 2015! It’s been a mammoth undertaking, collecting tracks, compiling the release, mastering, creating the cover artwork but finally we can announce that ‘Waves’ is here!

This year, we have a massive 50 of the best tracks from some familiar faces, along with many guest artists that submitted their tracks for inclusion. Some really amazing talent is out there with very little exposure, and the VA is our chance to redress the balance. For a playlist visit our Mixcloud page. The VA is made up of a huge range of diverse tracks from ambient to IDM, chill to drum and bass – and even a couple of more experimental tracks to give your ears a treat!

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Splicey and Tracky – Horses, Horses … Horses!


Splicey and Tracky

“Horses, Horses … Horses!”

Horses, Horses … Horses! is the late October 2015 debut release from the collaboration, Splicey and Tracky (Dave Keifer & Jess Lemont). In this case, the tracks featured are from Keifer’s end of the ongoing project.
Recently, Vuzhh Music Blog (C. Reider) produced its annual list of Notable Netlabel Releases, which includes the debut. Reider’s description: “Skittering and simultaneously loping, riffing and simultaneously free-jazzing group work featuring the brilliant Jess Lemont. This coheres really well, and is very groovy, even when they’re at their most free-improv-y.”

And, they’re just getting started. Be sure to stay on the lookout for more Splicey and Tracky releases, and, if possible, listen with your eyes closed!

Dave Keifer (Cagey House): virtual instruments, software, etc. Shifty editing, occasional brief embellishments.
Jess Lemont (Be a Waterwolf): all real instruments including drums, voice, guitar, bass, mallet percussion, keyboards, xaphoon, etc. Large-scale intricate lace improvisations.

(Tracks created jointly between April and August of 2015)

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H-LR – Rx



“Another guest release here… the reverse side of a rhythmic noise project from Israel. Glitchy and mostly beatless experimental remixes of different artists from the UK and Sweden, evoking very different feelings” (Ars Sonor)

#ambient #experimental #glitch

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