Nowhere Fast – Louder


Nowhere Fast


Photo: Maria Rosaria Rechieli
Artwork: Luca Mascioli
Released: 02/07/2014
Mastering: Fulvio Vitale

Waves and synergies. And if I think ‘bout dancing seasides and hot nites is ‘cause I can’t switch off from my i-pod the debut of the mysterious Nowhere Fast with her Louder EP produced by Sostanze Records. It’s a full piece of work, enterin’ into the electronic music scene on tiptoe, dominating it very fastly. And so Louder takes shape, a beach cocktail, 1/3 chillwave, 1/3 synthpop and 1/3 dreampop. Focusing on the synth component is a way to deeply meet Nowhere Fast, almost partecipating to the born of Louder. There will be a great talk ‘bout her, and this more than a greeting is a firm belief of the net-label. Her core is the underground, future is in evolution. Whenever I’m down, I call one of my friend.

Zoran – Meditations




Made with care and dedicated to life itself, floating in spheres of existence while playing with sound, life as it is, there is no secret in this, just a simple sound trip in and between molecular structure, no thought involved, feel free to let go.

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midnightradio11 – Dark Star


“Dark Star”

Dark Star recorded: 06.2014 in studio glasklinge by glasklinge zeitenlicht
artwork and photo by glasklinge zeitenlicht
midnightradio11 are: der schlachter

Dark Star, a hommage to John Carpenter and his film: Dark Star
regards, glasklinge zeitenlicht

Morphine Bandit – Deep Fuss Soundtrack


Morphine Bandit

“Deep Fuss Soundtrack”

Maybe the noisiest Morphine Bandit album ever made. All cracks, pops, glitches, inappropriate noises and sonic disturbances are part of the project and are fully assumed.
Artist : Morphine Bandit
Title : Deep Fuss Soundtrack
Catalog # : TXR084
Duration : 31:42
Date of release : June 24, 2014
Genres : dark ambient, noise, drone
Format : digital (FLAC and MP3)

Knolios – Dub Techno Mix 10



“Dub Techno Mix 10″

01 -Pulses – Away (Maxime Tanguay Off Version)
02 -Knolios – The Too Shall Pass
03 -Docetism – Ocean II
04 -Navmort – Pitcairn 022
05 -Paradise Rhythm – Off The Path
06 -Retouched – Outro
07 -Docetism – Self-immolation
08 -Ryo Ikeda – Night Swimming
09 -Brk – ml4
10 -Caldera – Be with you
11 -Unknown Artist – Untitled
12 -Insect O. – Volca Dub
13 -Ohrwert – Verge
14 -F!avio – Untitled#4
15 -Knolios – Amorous

VA – readymedia – Klangboot Radio #044 ~ Vive la Fête!~


VA – readymedia

“Klangboot Radio #044 ~ Vive la Fête!~”

Klangboot Radio
Ambient, Electronica, Soundscapes

#44 / Fête de la Musique / Berlin / early session…

PLAYLIST: Artist – Title – Netlabel – Year

1. TwichGarden – Alpha – picpack
2. Mr.Dee – Zoo (Monsieur Lunatique Remix) – picpack
3. Tidal Flow – Kolkata By Train – …

For full playlist and HQ download visit:

Stephen Briggs – Nebbie Mattutine


Stephen Briggs

“Nebbie Mattutine”

Don’t get fooled by the title of Sucu Music’s new offering, which is Italian for “Morning Mists”. Stephen Briggs is a guitarist from New Zealand whose inspiration seems to be international, judging by the multilingual titles he gives to his tracks. “Nebbie Mattutine” is a very fine example of guitar-oriented ambient and soundscapes album, ranging from quiet, gentle sounds to noisier, darker tracks which add new dimensions to his sound palette.

Kai Engel – Evening Colors


Kai Engel

“Evening Colors”

If Kai Engel’s third album showed his abilities as a composer of cinematic soundtracks for historical films, then his new work gets us back to the neoclassical tone of sound, only with far greater versatility and skill. Once again you’ll hear lyrical melodies born in joys and sadnessess of love, inspired by a melancholy in the night, a light sorrow and urban romantics.

Music by Kai Engel
Artwork by Oleg Litvinchuk

Projekt Gestalten – Everything Is Fine EP


Projekt Gestalten

“Everything Is Fine EP”

ARTIST: Projekt Gestalten
RELEASE TITLE: Everything Is Fine EP
RELEASE DATE: June 06, 2014
FORMAT: Mp3 / 320kbps/ 44.100 MHZ
GENRE: Electronic
SUB-GENRE: Downtempo/ Avant-Garde / IDM / Ambient / Experimental


01. The Anatomy of Chaos (02:55)
02. Everything Is Fine (04:33)
03. Distorted Informations (03:56)
04. Requiem (04:10)

Substak – Mind Overdose

Mixotic 272


“Mind Overdose”

01 - Kraut Sounds – Shifting Winds
Adept 015
02 - Deep Paranoya & Pluge – Prague Afternoon
Dast Net 098
03 - Substak – Modal After Tarmac Remix
Adept 017
04 - Triames – Local
Geometrika FM 020
05 - Mr.Dee – One Story
DeepX 295
06 - Nvelope – Terra Form
Dreiton 030
07 - Re-Drum – Dans Les Nuages
Tranzmitter 054
08 - Insect O. – Bay Of Dreams
Dreiton 030

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1. - 8. August, Dresden

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