Substak – Atmosphere @ Proton Radio 06-10-2014


“Atmosphere @ Proton Radio 06-10-2014″

1.TicK – Dark Lights #1
2.Gapfield – It Vanished (Energostatic Records)
3.Randoom – Acordes Filtrados (Kopoc Label)
4.Midnight JJ – Obsession 1957 (reddye)
5.Liquom – Summer 14;41 (Kopoc Label)
6.AXS – Deistic (Cold Fiction Music)
7.Substak & Triames – L (Eclectic Reactions Records)
8.Aspect – Awake/Asleep (Cold Fiction Music)
9.DeepWarmth & Yan Olsen – Waves of Silence

Twin Peetz – Cities Of Tomorrow


Twin Peetz

“Cities Of Tomorrow”


1. Twin Peetz – Cities Of Tomorrow
2. Twin Peetz – Friday Night Chill
3. Twin Peetz – Friday Night Dub
4. Twin Peetz – Friday Night Groove
5. Twin Peetz – Friday Night Rythm
6. Twin Peetz – Shades (1st shadow)0687f5
7. Twin Peetz – Shades (2st shadow)
8. Twin Peetz – Shades (3st shadow)
9. Twin Peetz – Subliminal (TV Version)
10. Twin Peetz – Sent me in the wrong time (Unreleased from 1997)

Written and produced by Patrick Peetz

Mastered by Vtr

Cover by Erthouch

weldroid – silicate garden



“silicate garden”

whether working solo or with other collaborators, weldroid shows his mastery of sound design and composition, skillfully blending glassy, swirling pads and scattershot effects. noiseblips and distorted squarewaves recall the golden age of 8-bit gaming, mixed with signature bitcrushed percussion. often enough, these jagged sounds are layered with smooth, gentle atmospheric chords and hauntingly beautiful piano passages. somehow weldroid makes it all work: the fusion of darker, edgy leads, cut-up beats, and steady, slow arpeggios, blurred into crystalline infinity.

the newest weldroid record is a studied contrast between frenetic, aggressive textures and restrained, mellow interludes. the feverish energy from earlier releases is still present, but is now redirected into tightly focused bursts of glitch transmissions with a measured, melodic, thoughtful cadence.
(joshua saddler)

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Andrew Henry – Salvation


Andrew Henry


Salvation is Andrew Henry’s 22nd release as a solo artist, whose music has been described as “sweeping, cosmic ambient” with “slow, enveloping waves of velvety sound that characterize warm drone” (Matthew Sweeney, Foreign Accents). The album is an atmospheric and morphing collage of drones, soft piano pieces, and hypnotic loops created through sampling, time-stretching, cassette manipulation, and minor improvisation.

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Wings of an Angel – Revenge Of The Less Powerful


Wings of an Angel

“Revenge Of The Less Powerful”

My whole life, I’ve marveled at the ease in which so-called charismatic leaders – political, educational, spiritual, therapeutic etc’ – have led their followers and others in their surrounding to total oblivion.
If there’s one and single insight that you are ought to fetch from my ruminations, it is this: THINK AND STAND FOR YOURSELF, DON’T LOCK YOURSELF IN A HELL THAT YOU AND/OR OTHERS CREATE FOR YOU.
In my perception, It’s always better to answer for your own actions, for better or for worse, than to act by proxy and hide behind bullies, real or imaginary. Such is the path of truly brave men and women.
So, are you truly brave or do you prefer to hide behind your chosen dogma and skydive unto an inescapable hell?

Cousin Silas – Weaving Portraits


Cousin Silas

“Weaving Portraits”

“Weaving Portraits” is Cousin Silas’s second work with Sucu Music and, by happy coincidence, also the release marking the first anniversary of the label. There couldn’t have been a better way to celebrate our first birthday than by releasing a beautiful work of meditative music entirely created by textures of keyboards and delicate touches of electric guitar. No rhythm, no percussion, nothing that might encompass this music into a closed system. Cousin Silas’s is music for open spaces, and it doesn’t matter whether we are speaking of real spaces or inner spaces of the mind. Call it cinematic, call it ambient, call it soundscapes, call this music as you like, but be ready to leave everything behind and experience it with every pore of your body, every neuron of your brain and every unnamed substance which makes up what you really are.

Morphine Bandit – Morphine Base


Morphine Bandit

“Morphine Base”

Sparse chords and random noises creating dark atmospheric drones for meditative use or other inner deep activities.
Artist : Morphine bandit
Title : Morphine Base
Catalog # : TXR090
Duration : 41:47
Date of release : September 17, 2014
Genres : drone, dark ambient, noise
Format : digital (FLAC and MP3)

Substak/Triames – In Absentia



“In Absentia”

Second release of Eclectic Reactions, an EP by the Greek artist Substak and the Basque Triames.
released 11 September 2014

Wings of an Angel – Ghosts Of My Past


Wings of an Angel

“Ghosts Of My Past”

There’s nobody other than yourself to blame for the grave love affairs you conduct on a daily basis with the ghosts of your past…

Ghosts are your past. You are nobody without your ghosts. Forevermore haunting you. ‘Till you or the world will dissolve into infinity in a majestic double exposure moment. Just like that, you will become a transient shadow. And you will forget everything. No… Perhaps you will remember just this: Your eternal loneliness while you were alive.

Heman Colù – Invitacion Casual


Heman Colù

“Invitacion Casual”

3 minimal experimental music
01calle asuncion (original mix)
02de un color especial (original mix)
03el rincon extremeno (original mix)

Festival für Clubkultur in Dresden

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