Yvan Poisson – Between The Firmaments

Ersha – Conservation of Angular Momentum

K. Markov – Excerpt Two

Metalogue – Gradient Descent

december nightskies with nobodisoundz – spring

Carya Amara – Another Chance to See

Listening Satellites – Everything is a Glitch

Rootspace – Multiverse

eww – I Follow

Anxiety & Sarah – Nyctophilia

Captive Portal – What Is?

Jam’s – Le Temps d’un Rêve

Dislocations – Planetary Dislocations

Marina Stewart – Dawn Raised With A Gesture Of Submission

fascinating earthbound objects – eelahoo

Rephazer – Sketches in between the Noise

BAD GIRL – live 171117

Various – Autómatas Sonoros

Kri Tik – North Capital

Sann Gusṃo РEmaranhado

Walt Thisney – Nympho

Substak – Unknown Destinations

Artem Bemba – Airways

Ölü Körpē – vol. 2 – Mira, la bruja no esta quemada

Sacha Rush – Could Be Human Liquid

King Shi – Red

Hafid Kurnia dan Tebatabata – The Day After We Were Alone

Pirata – En el aire estoy

Suspektema – “to be done, to have done.”

DunJIN – The Conqueror Worm