I Neurologici – Dub Box


I Neurologici

“Dub Box”

Restored and mastered from an old musicasette, here there are some recordings of reharsal sessions by I Neurologici, dub collective from Rome
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various artists – murk academy


various artists

“murk academy”

desperation and fear chase us along the way and manage to catch every now and then. those moments come, when you look through objects and people, your thoughts are lost somewhere in between dense thickets of previous life experiences. devastating inertia drives you jaded and weary. comfort is found alongside horror, anguish and stillness. rest your thoughts peacefully and let music heal you into calm acceptance of you being a part of this academy of wandering souls.
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V.A. – Hymnes & Motets Vol.3



“Hymnes & Motets Vol.3”

un éclectisme sonore de bon aloi, de nombreux artistes et un programme qui navigue sans scrupules entre musique expérimentale, poésie sonore, acousmatique, electronica, ambient.
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V.A. – Hymnes & Motets Vol.2



“Hymnes & Motets Vol.2”

“un éclectisme sonore de bon aloi, de nombreux artistes et un programme qui navigue sans scrupules entre musique expérimentale, poésie sonore, acousmatique, electronica, ambient.”
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Desposyni – The Radiant Mindfield



“The Radiant Mindfield”

A collaboration between Ade Bordicott (MUTATE) and Hyaena Fierling Reich, Desposyni sculpt, collage and maim sound into twisted soundscapes. At times cloying and intense, they deliver
Walls of unease at will. Spoken word vistas.Complete improvisation – every performance different; unique.

Alchemical malcontents. A Bacon painting put to sound.

recorded live @ Dusk Till Dawn in London 04.03.2012
recording & production: Adrian Bordicott
all live, no overdubs

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Telegraphy – Someone In Detroit



“Someone In Detroit”

All tracks were written and produced by Richard Sudney(Telegraphy) 2012. “Someone in Detroit” is a forty-five minute live set that embraces dark Detroit pop with pausing’s of experimental Detroit tech-no, noise, and dark ambient sound-scapes. Telegraphy pushes the boundaries out of the occult electronic music scene and into the revealed sound environment. The whole intention of this live set is to be a continuation of the monumental live performance “Somewhere In Detroit” [iono-5]
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Rog – Mechanic Soul EP



“Mechanic Soul EP”

Artist: Rog
Title: Mechanic Soul EP
Catalog#: deepx181
Format: File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Released: 30 May 2012
Style: Techno

01. Rog – La Guerra (Original Mix) (6:40)
02. Rog – I Dance With You (Original Edit) (7:17)
03. Rog – Vertigo (Original Mix) (8:01)

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Luftschmiede – Luftschmiede 1.1 EP



“Luftschmiede 1.1 EP”

Artist….: Luftschmiede
Title….: Luftschmiede 1.1 EP
Label….: DAST Net Recordings
Catalog#….: DAST039
Medium….: 4 x File / EP
Playtime….: 26min 59sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1411 kBit/s / Original Master Files)
Mastering…: Mèrge Audio Works
Country….: Germany
Released….: 16 May 2012
Genre….: Electronic
Style….: House, Tech-House


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Mr.Dee – Terminology EP



“Terminology EP”

Mr. Dee needs no introduction! On numerous netlabels represented an output Netaudio legend with incredible innovation! Now also on DAST! And for those who have slept through the last 6 years: Mr. Dee is the musician, producer and the DJ from Ekaterinburg, Russia. One of the founders of Deep-X Recordings network label. He was dreaming to compose music since the childhood, but only in 2002 the dream came true. Long searches of the style and participation in various projects saved up small experience in music composing. There was a sense not to stop on the achieved. In the end of 2006 Dee got acquainted with DJ PX, nowadays known as Sergey PX. Later in 2007 they opened network label Deep-X Recordings and created joint minimal-techno project Schockierender. With the mutual efforts they had written some tracks and some remixes which were heard only by friends. It was a great push for the further creative work.
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Dust Collector – Narcolepsy


Dust Collector


Dust Collector is a difficult artist to pigeonhole into a single genre. This release is out of left field, and is for anyone interested interested in truly experimental music that transcends the rigidity of a label.

Artist: Dust Collector
Title: Narcolepsy
Release: dystopiaq030
Date: May 21, 2012
Genre: Abstract, Hip-Hop, Experimental
Permalink: http://dystopiaq.com/?p=333

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Kodiac – Z




It’s his first release on Gargan Records. “Alex Doerrer” presents with his project “Kodiac” the EP “Z”.
This EP is dedicated to his home town of Zwickau, and includes 3 impressive house tracks.
“Alex Doerrer” uses various influences of the House-Music-Genres and with this ingredients, he refines his tracks.
On this EP he manages to inspire the listener with the very first beats and synth interludes.

All files are in a quality of 320 kbit/s for the (free) Download.
MP3s, Cover and “all inclusive” ZIP-package are available here or on:

Artist: Kodiac
Album: Z
Release Date: 2012-05-27
Genre: Deep House / Tech-House
Label: Garganrecords
Catalog#: gargan066
Type: EP


(01) Marienthal 08:03
(02) Polbitz 08:28
(03) Eckersbach 07:23

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Blackdaylight – Exile

[Kreislauf 120]



Blackdaylight – Exile
(Kreislauf 120)

01 Airsick Blues (Live)
02 Death De Amor
03 Human Condition
04 Searchlight
05 Memories
06 Sabotage Island
07 Ghostly Intentions
08 Invictus (Live)
09 The Denominator (Live)
10 Shadow Monster (Live Kitchen Sink Demo)
11 Disclosure (Live)
12 Sunlit (Live + screwD)
13 Apocalypse Of Love

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Ars Sonor – 124C 41+

Kraptek – Obskur EP



“Obskur EP”

Artist: Kraptek
Title: Obskur EP
Catalog#: deepx180
Format: File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Released: 25 May 2012
Style: Minimal Techno

01. Kraptek – Catacombs (8:08)
02. Kraptek – Agraba (7:25)
03. Kraptek – Totuk (8:34)

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“archive #1”

a gathering of 40 improvisors, a work of details, restraint, variable densities, breathes, drones, basses…

Antoine Läng mouth – Brice Catherin cello – Brooks Giger doublebass – Christian Müller contrabass clarinet – Christophe Berthet saxophone, conduction n°2 – Christoph Schiller spinet, conduction n°1 – Cyril Bondi floor tom, cymbal – d’incise objects, conduction n°3 – Denis Beuret trombone – Dragos Tara doublebass – Edmée Fleury voice – Eric Ruffing theremin, analog electronics – Fabrice Pittet ac. guitar, voice, perc. – Filippo Provenzale percussions – Frédéric Minner elec. bass – Florence Melnotte keyboard – Ganesh Geymeier saxophone – Gianluca Ruggeri function generator – Gérald Zbinden ac.& elec. guitars – Guy Bettini trumpet – Hannah Marshall cello – Heike Fiedler voice – Igor Cubrilovic acoustic resonator guitar – Ivan Verda elec. guitar, buzuki – Jamasp Jhabvala violin – Jonas Kocher accordion – Loïc Grobéty piano strings elec. bass – Marcel Chagrin elec. guitar – Nicolas Raufaste ac. guitar – Olga Kokcharova typewriter, voice – Patricia Bosshard violin, conduction n°5 – Phonotopy tennis raquet – Raphaël Ortis elec. bass – Richard Jean elec. guitar – Rodolphe Loubatière percussions, conduction n°4 – Simon Berz d.i.y. instruments, electronic – Steve Buchanan saxophone, elec. guitar – Thierry Simonot electronics – Thomas Peter laptop – Vinz Vonlanthen elec. guitar, banjo

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Daniel Barbiero & Jimmy Ghaphery – Hermes’ Labyrinth

Daniel Barbiero & Jimmy Ghaphery

“Hermes’ Labyrinth”

Hermes’ Labyrinth is a series of improvised duets for double bass, prepared and unprepared, and winds recorded live in the studio in the autumn of 2008. Each piece takes as its theme a scale, tone row, textural motif, or verbal suggestion, and develops it as it will—as sound finding its natural level within sound and silence.
Daniel Barbiero double bass. Jimmy Ghaphery alto sax; tenor sax; wooden flutes.
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Ars Sonor & B.Lone Engines – Subglacial Trench

Ars Sonor & B.Lone Engines

“Subglacial Trench”

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The Lost Sessions

Randy Carter, Bob Bucko Jr., Laetitia Schteinberg

“Stage Four: The Lost Sessions “

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iky iky – Sjön

iky iky


Recorded near the lake in sweden, May 2012.

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VidasM – Beds and Dreams



“Beds and Dreams”

Planting your body in a soil of feathers, sending the brain “to work”, colored coffee to go, time jumping, cypher matrices, light seas in photonic clouds, nonexistant crystals.
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inicolabug – ex silicio



“ex silicio”

Ada Lovelace will blast your surrogate® with her mind controlled butterfly UAV.
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Spycker – Ner Begot Kish

Klangboot Radio – ~ Tube ~


Klangboot Radio

“~ Tube ~”

Alexis Storm, Ars Sonor & Otolathe, creative commons, Csum, Das Kraftfuttermischwerk, D_e, Egidas, florconvenas, Julien Demoulin, klangboot, lausanne.pietzke, Matthias Kispert, Nepal, netaudio, Peter Zanegin, readymedia, Simiram, Thompost, Tojo, Total Harmonic
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Various Artists – Electronic Archive


Various Artists

“Electronic Archive”

Electronic Archive – Free mp3 compilation.

Labarome Techno Music Industries, Transient9, Abacom System, Tiziano Sterpa, Die Einen, Buskerdroid, Johnny Peraza, Stealther, Silvia Trix, Pure Analog, Direct y, Octobertwelve, Nowai, Max Farnea, Electro Disciples, Andrea Lenci, SpyWave, AS, Vektor.

Powered by Stato Elettrico.

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sky thing – garbage strike


sky thing

“garbage strike”

sky thing is john collins mccormick, an improviser and sound artist currently living in garrett, indiana whose performances and installations are built on improvisation utilizing the natural comings and goings of the people and the space as well as transducers and contact mics. his interest lies in percussive aspects of traditional instruments and extended performance techniques; the space in between improvisation and composition; and acoustic to electronic sound conversion.john used prepared turntables, transducers, contact mics, modulators and various objects to create garbage strike, his first album for pan y rosas. the sound is something like a furnace roar and artificial cicadas with life happening in the background. metal singing. found objects vibrated with motors. phased sizzle.
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В.Tek – Sunrise EP



“Sunrise EP “

Artist: D.Tek
Title: Sunrise EP
Catalog#: deepx179
Format: File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Released: 21 May 2012
Style: Deep Techno

01. D.Tek – Hong Kong (Original) (5:19)
02. Finn – Nothern Soul (Remix By D.Tek) (9:17)
03. D.Tek – Sunrise (Original) (6:26)

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Process Geschäftsführer – Und Indem Halbraum Gestalten


Process Geschäftsführer

“Und Indem Halbraum Gestalten”

In 2008 Hardy Küster and Evgenij Dvorkin got to know each other at the legendary Avantgarde Festival in Schiphorst, Germany. Here they decided to create music together as “Process Geschäftsführer” by exchanging sonic materials via the internet.
Und Indem Halbraum Gestalten is the first album of this surrealistic collaboration. Names which have been found by chance of operation. An experience like a painting being scanned and transformed into sound or an arts installation with rooms and rooms inside of the rooms to get lost in. Newton meets new tone.
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