midnightradio11 – Dark Star


“Dark Star”

Dark Star recorded: 06.2014 in studio glasklinge by glasklinge zeitenlicht
artwork and photo by glasklinge zeitenlicht www.glasklinge.com
midnightradio11 are: der schlachter

Dark Star, a hommage to John Carpenter and his film: Dark Star
regards, glasklinge zeitenlicht

Code Therapy – Keep Running EP


Code Therapy

“Keep Running EP”

Code Therapy is a side project by Crennwiick together with his friend Floating Machine. “Keep Running EP” utilizes musical influences which include techno and progressive grooves while exploring the landscape of experimental and ambient sounds.

Morphine Bandit – Deep Fuss Soundtrack


Morphine Bandit

“Deep Fuss Soundtrack”

Maybe the noisiest Morphine Bandit album ever made. All cracks, pops, glitches, inappropriate noises and sonic disturbances are part of the project and are fully assumed.
Artist : Morphine Bandit
Title : Deep Fuss Soundtrack
Catalog # : TXR084
Duration : 31:42
Date of release : June 24, 2014
Genres : dark ambient, noise, drone
Format : digital (FLAC and MP3)

Geolm – It Won’t Happen Again EP



“It Won’t Happen Again EP”

Artist name: Geolm
Release name: It Won’t Happen Again EP
Catalog#: deepx244
Release date: 30 May 2013
Format: mp3/320 kbps
Style: Deep House, Minimal

01. Geolm – Cold Shower (6:43) download
02. Geolm – I Almost Forgot (5:39) download
03. Geolm – Gossiping (6:09) download

Marlaja Virta & ono – Viaton sydän


Marlaja Virta & ono

“Viaton sydän”


■ bonus item
wallpaper for iMac & iPhone5 & Mac Book Pro,
2 bonus tracks

artwork by Marlaja Virta

■ artist info

Knolios – Dub Techno Mix 10



“Dub Techno Mix 10”

01 -Pulses – Away (Maxime Tanguay Off Version)
02 -Knolios – The Too Shall Pass
03 -Docetism – Ocean II
04 -Navmort – Pitcairn 022
05 -Paradise Rhythm – Off The Path
06 -Retouched – Outro
07 -Docetism – Self-immolation
08 -Ryo Ikeda – Night Swimming
09 -Brk – ml4
10 -Caldera – Be with you
11 -Unknown Artist – Untitled
12 -Insect O. – Volca Dub
13 -Ohrwert – Verge
14 -F!avio – Untitled#4
15 -Knolios – Amorous

VA – readymedia – Klangboot Radio #044 ~ Vive la Fête!~


VA – readymedia

“Klangboot Radio #044 ~ Vive la Fête!~”

Klangboot Radio
Ambient, Electronica, Soundscapes

#44 / Fête de la Musique / Berlin / early session…

PLAYLIST: Artist – Title – Netlabel – Year

1. TwichGarden – Alpha – picpack
2. Mr.Dee – Zoo (Monsieur Lunatique Remix) – picpack
3. Tidal Flow – Kolkata By Train – …

For full playlist and HQ download visit: http://www.klangboot.de/?p=969

Shining Trapezohedron – Lila


Shining Trapezohedron


07-Sci Atta(2:04)
08-Plazma 1(0:50)
10-Beyond Hypocrisy(6:40)
12-Plazma 2(0:36)

Analog – Lumina




Haling from Chile, The Waveform Generator is very happy to be releasing the newest release from the South American ‘King of Chiprave’, with the title being cemented within this three-track, latin-inspired dancefloor crater-creator.

Lumina sees Analog reaching the peak of his rave composition skills, with three tracks spitting kinetic grooves through an unrelenting fourteen minutes. With frequent nods to Latin and House music, Analog has crafted his most eclectic, condensed, affective and somehow sprawling release yet.

Whilst The Waveform Generator usually deals in the esoteric, the Deep House tones, Nanoloop manipulation and lofi attitude of Lumina give an irresistibly unorthodox take on very modern dance and club music, a maelstrom of mainstream numbers frothing with tomes of leftfield ideas just below the surface. Made for neon nights and strobing smoke-filled pits, Lumina is just as effective in a home environment. And you’ll still get as sweaty.

Opaeq – Fey




Its been a while since the last release, and this release is something a bit special. Opaeq featured as a guess artist in the previous release on Kahvi Collective, but now here he is again with an entire EP of new work.
A few of you may recognise Opaeq’s alter ego – none other than Abyssal Plains. The same style and quality is there, but slightly less epic and more minimalistic.
Nice vibes and sentimental resonances abound in the six tracks of audio pleasure in ‘Fey’. Track of choice would be Sun Dial for this fan.

Specta Ciera – Mountain Region


Specta Ciera

“Mountain Region”

New Energostatic Release by Specta Ciera.

Only Toxic – Modul


Only Toxic


PRODUCER: Only Toxic
TRACK NAME: Dissapoiment
GENRE: Electronic
LENGTH: 05:35
BPM: 128 BPM’S
Button: by-nc-nd

Stephen Briggs – Nebbie Mattutine


Stephen Briggs

“Nebbie Mattutine”

Don’t get fooled by the title of Sucu Music’s new offering, which is Italian for “Morning Mists”. Stephen Briggs is a guitarist from New Zealand whose inspiration seems to be international, judging by the multilingual titles he gives to his tracks. “Nebbie Mattutine” is a very fine example of guitar-oriented ambient and soundscapes album, ranging from quiet, gentle sounds to noisier, darker tracks which add new dimensions to his sound palette.

Tree60 – Night Tunes Collection



“Night Tunes Collection”

Tracks list:

Lazy Saturday Afternoon
The Missing Trumpet
Mevo Latin
Dad Sunday 75
Desert Fashion
Way To Tibet

Scary Dub MonsteR – First Steps EP


Scary Dub MonsteR

“First Steps EP”

Artist name: Scary Dub MonsteR
Release name: First Steps EP
Catalog#: deepx243
Release date: 23 May 2013
Format: mp3/320 kbps
Style: Tech House, Minimal

01. Scary Dub MonsteR – Crazy Woble (5:15)
02. Scary Dub MonsteR – Vote Machines (5:15)
03. Scary Dub MonsteR – Gear (4:38)

Marlaja Virta & ono – I Want You Alice


Marlaja Virta & ono

“I Want You Alice”


■ bonus item
wallpaper for iMac & iPhone5 & Mac Book Pro,
2 bonus tracks

artwork by Marlaja Virta

■ artist info

Kai Engel – Evening Colors


Kai Engel

“Evening Colors”

If Kai Engel’s third album showed his abilities as a composer of cinematic soundtracks for historical films, then his new work gets us back to the neoclassical tone of sound, only with far greater versatility and skill. Once again you’ll hear lyrical melodies born in joys and sadnessess of love, inspired by a melancholy in the night, a light sorrow and urban romantics.

Music by Kai Engel
Artwork by Oleg Litvinchuk

Dj Seiss – Road to you ep

Nyb/Ext 006

Dj Seiss

“Road to you ep “

DJ SEISS – Road to you ep
Noisybeat Extended 007
3 Tracks + 4 Remix
Remixes by Bakra, Dsmoker & SanthiAgo
Artwork by Gipsy Wisdom

Andreas Florin – Anxious


Andreas Florin


Anxiety is distinguished from fear, which is an appropriate cognitive and emotional response to a perceived threat and is related to the specific behaviors of fight-or-flight responses, defensive behavior or escape. Anxiety occurs in situations only perceived as uncontrollable or unavoidable, but not realistically so. David Barlow defines anxiety as “a future-oriented mood state in which one is ready or prepared to attempt to cope with upcoming negative events,” and that it is a distinction between future and present dangers which divides anxiety and fear. Another description of anxiety is agony, dread, terror, or even apprehension. In positive psychology, anxiety is described as the mental state that results from a difficult challenge for which the subject has insufficient coping skills.

Fear and anxiety can be differentiated in four domains: (1) duration of emotional experience, (2) temporal focus, (3) specificity of the threat, and (4) motivated direction. Fear is defined as short lived, present focused, geared towards a specific threat, and facilitating escape from threat; while anxiety is defined as long acting, future focused, broadly focused towards a diffuse threat, and promoting excessive caution while approaching a potential threat and interferes with constructive coping.

Symptoms of anxiety can range in number, intensity, and frequency, depending on the person. While almost everyone has experienced anxiety at some point in their lives, most do not develop long-term problems with anxiety.

The behavioral effects of anxiety may include withdrawal from situations which have provoked anxiety in the past. Anxiety can also be experienced in ways which include changes in sleeping patterns, nervous habits, and increased motor tension like foot tapping.

The emotional effects of anxiety may include “feelings of apprehension or dread, trouble concentrating, feeling tense or jumpy, anticipating the worst, irritability, restlessness, watching (and waiting) for signs (and occurrences) of danger, and, feeling like your mind’s gone blank” as well as “nightmares/bad dreams, obsessions about sensations, deja vu, a trapped in your mind feeling, and feeling like everything is scary.”

The cognitive effects of anxiety may include thoughts about suspected dangers, such as fear of dying. “You may … fear that the chest pains are a deadly heart attack or that the shooting pains in your head are the result of a tumor or aneurysm. You feel an intense fear when you think of dying, or you may think of it more often than normal, or can’t get it out of your mind.

ventilator – Frothy and the Infinite Black



“Frothy and the Infinite Black”


■ bonus item
wallpaper for iMac & iPhone5 & Mac Book Pro

■ artist info

Terrorrythmus – Adaption Disorder Remixes Pt. 1



“Adaption Disorder Remixes Pt. 1”

Back in February 2013 Yarn Audio released “Adaption Disorder” by Terrorrythmus, a DJ / producer from Bremen (Germany) who runs the label Latenz. All stems have been made public, too, so everyone was invited to create their own interpretations of the EP. “Adaption Disorder Remixes Pt. 1” is the first of two remix EPs which contains the best uptempo (160+ BPM) edits by three outstanding producers:
The first remix is from Machette, a producer from Niort (France), who just released “Flavors EP” on Yarn Audio.
With three sent in remixes, Crypticz, a young producer from Weston-super-Mare (UK), has been the most active. He released on labels like Ground Mass Music, Good Street Records and Dynasty Shit before and is working on his EP for Yarn Audio right now.
The third one is Sideswipe, a Philadelphia based producer, who has been working with labels like Philthtrax and Ground Mass Music. Make sure to check his recent release for Modern Ruin!

Telegraphy – Smile, Echelon Knows



“Smile, Echelon Knows”

Echelon, the (SIGINT) or “signals intelligent” was or is the worlds leading information gathering entity. Anything from e-mails to cell phone interception, this group of shadow people who operate behind the closed “green door” can and will with a push of a button, listen in on my own and your personal traffic.

“Smile, Echelon Knows” by Telegraphy is a cloak and dagger deception of dubed audio and field recordings, that will gather all traffic of synthesized chords and beats which will link together all possible variables to make a profile of “you” the listener. Smile !

Projekt Gestalten – Everything Is Fine EP


Projekt Gestalten

“Everything Is Fine EP”

ARTIST: Projekt Gestalten
RELEASE TITLE: Everything Is Fine EP
RELEASE DATE: June 06, 2014
FORMAT: Mp3 / 320kbps/ 44.100 MHZ
GENRE: Electronic
SUB-GENRE: Downtempo/ Avant-Garde / IDM / Ambient / Experimental


01. The Anatomy of Chaos (02:55)
02. Everything Is Fine (04:33)
03. Distorted Informations (03:56)
04. Requiem (04:10)

Substak – Mind Overdose

Mixotic 272


“Mind Overdose”

01 – Kraut Sounds – Shifting Winds
Adept 015
02 – Deep Paranoya & Pluge – Prague Afternoon
Dast Net 098
03 – Substak – Modal After Tarmac Remix
Adept 017
04 – Triames – Local
Geometrika FM 020
05 – Mr.Dee – One Story
DeepX 295
06 – Nvelope – Terra Form
Dreiton 030
07 – Re-Drum – Dans Les Nuages
Tranzmitter 054
08 – Insect O. – Bay Of Dreams
Dreiton 030

TwichGarden – Alpha-Omega





Константин Зед – Музыкальные Вибрации


Константин Зед

“Музыкальные Вибрации”

It seems that only art-punk has acquired the national sound among all the rock genres performed in Russia. This sound is peculiar and is not recognized by the masses. So it is highly underestimated.

Here is an evident example of debut work by multiinstrumentalist Konstantin Zeda from St.Petersburg in collaboration with Anatoliy Nikulin as a sound producer. From the very first seconds of the recording it’s pretty understandable that the album doesn’t tend to be modern. The sound stylization roots back to the rock of 70s,to glam rock Roxy Music’s sort as well as music hall. Melody greatness is performed with high stage/theatrical emotionality and punk energy though moderate one. The album at whole has a concept, in spite of the absence of the connecting line between tracks. The imagination brings back the story lines from soviet musical film about the XVI-XVIII centures. The point is that it’s not because of the misic itself, but lyrics as well, as in “Veronika”, “Sladkiy son”, “Luchshiy den'”, “Korol” and especially “Prizrak”. Friendly speaking I don’t know anything about the author’s intention but the soviet film collection could fill up with one more nonexistent film.

2014 Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0

Soidi – Fort Featherfoot



“Fort Featherfoot”

Artist name: Soidi
Release name: Fort Featherfoot
Catalog#: deepx242
Release date: 17 May 2013
Format: mp3/320 kbps
Style: Tech House, Minimal

01. Soidi – Clear Lucidity (4:03)
02. Soidi – Dravidian Echoes (6:48)
03. Soidi – Startrooper (5:59)
04. Soidi – Dream Of Cotton (4:30)


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