Chix – Chix

Whole September – Voice

Со мною вот что – Добро пожаловать в машину

V/A – Lo​-​Fi Fidelity

Ars Sonor – Future Journeys

Various Artists – The Feel of DEFIL

Jungle Julia – Jungle Julia (EP)

Jungle Julia – Jungle Julia (EP)

XSTN – Gravity

Uriel GZ – Parallel World

Dr.800XL – Epifanía

Various Artists – Open The Window

LZRVS – For tonight you’re only here to know

Markus Masuhr – The red moon and the landscapes from jupiter

Various – Waves

Splicey and Tracky – Horses, Horses … Horses!

H-LR – Rx

Guy-Frank Pellerin, Matthias Boss and Marcello Magliocchi – THE SOUNDING DOOR

Torque – Automation

Syntactic – Chinese Lights

Bebhionn Laboratory – Visual Textures

Knolios – Step By Step

Secrets Of The 45 – Wake Bell

Mint – The Minotaur’s Head

Zifhang – Islamiento

Induction Effect – Reload

horhos – Mons

Nada – Mirror Image

Dustycri – Dusty Lost Tracks

Alacrán – Scorpions Revive

Wings of an Angel – The Ero Guro Opera Reformatory

Mike Adcock – Accord

CEDE – Na sHpilkah

Tetarise – Stop this moment

Samurau – Things left unsaid

Dr. SpaceKir – The depths of Universe

C. Reider – Tape Loops

Akusmatic – For No Reason At All

Ingenstansland – Farewell (The Damaged One)

Wings of an Angel – This Paper Tiger Has Orphaned His Heart To Love

CH’AB – Mutation

Pk jazz Collective – Youth Aspirations

Alexei Borisov and Sergey Kostyrko – Watchdog Violation

Grand Guru – Hard Cunt Fuck E.P.

Nick R 61 & Kendall Wa – Chi o’Clock