Nin Martoize – Digittoe Air

Jazzdefector – Improvisations 2014

Sick Rat – Black And Noir

Gilman Mom – Coast of Daylight

Gilman Mom – Coast of Daylight

Salis / Sanna / Pili – Choke

fascinating earthbound objects – coordinate points

Gilman Mom – Revisionist History

Longman – Plays The Music Of Cacil Taylor And Steve Lacy

Magliocchi / Boss / Rolfini / Grassi – Four points in the black sun

Longman – Газы

once gravity trio – hidden river

Martin Rach – quiet fire

Natasha Beller – Fairytale

THE HYBRIDS / Brusci – Lieb – MIGRATION metamorphosis – 2nd Movement: Adaptation

Natalia Kamia, Stewart Miller, and other invisible entities – We jammed on our little green aircraft

Marco Colonna – FORAMINIFERA

Split Phase – Compendium

Dako Loop Orchestra & Lezet – Noise Band in My Garden

EP Man – Short Horror Stories

Wings of an Angel – Tell Your New Date Something Truly Romantic And Original, Tell Her How Her Eyes Are Like The Fathomless Sea After A Storm Of The Black Plague

Ölü Körpē – vol. 2 – Mira, la bruja no esta quemada

THE HYBRIDS / Brusci – Lieb – MIGRATION metamorphosis – 1st Movement: Migration

Awkward Geisha – Shadows of the Shepherds: A Brief Retrospective of 2017 Works

Фиорд – Невзялазь

Walt Thisney – Spiryto

horiso – Watchers

Magliocchi / Northover / Thompson / Okamoto – Music from dreaming skaters

getdizzy – Long Normal Dream

Jan Faix – Marian Petržela: II

Wings of an Angel – Playing Standards Very Differently (Original Avant​-​Garde Solo Piano Improvisations)