Ghobi – Amba

Ghobi – Amba



Composed between 2020 and 2021, dreamlike and rarefied atmospheres in which the French horn
still colors most of the tracks.

Rhythms mix with the sandy distortions of guitars, drums and reverberations.

Melodies are always sparse and hypnotic. An unpolished sound is always preferred
but anyway intense, rather enhancing and “cradling” the “noise” created during the recordings.

With the aim of keeping the emotion and inspiration of the moment intact and crystal clear.


ghobi are:
– lele : guitars, cetra, french horn, keyboards, percussions, effects
– giro : bass, effects
– palla : drums, percussions, udu

Recording end mix by ghobi

Master by simone giorgi ( downtown studio)

Thanks to Anna (Wollstonecraft Air) for vocal contributions on Etruria and Toroide

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