Gumbel – Cavan




Born out of the calm, green, lake-filled Irish landscape of immense and overwhelming skies, finished in the sick and chaotic city of Barcelona, in “Cavan”, Gumbel reflects the states of calm and optimism, absorbed from the peace of the countryside, until reaching his most negative and repulsive feelings for the city in which he has lived for several years.
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AA.VV. – Vittek Tape Indie Christmas Compilation



“Vittek Tape Indie Christmas Compilation”

Download for free the Vittek Tape Indie Christmas Compilation!

1. Fadamat – Maledetto Novembre
2. Millionaire Blonde – Andrea si Sposa
3. Airway – Supernova
4. Lucy Van Pelt – Amore a collaborazione occasionale
5. Ilenia Volpe – Mondo Indistruttibile
6. Davide Vettori – Progresso e Memoria
7. Captain Mantell – Seven Times Seven
8. La logica di Daisy – Il mio volto
9. Ironique – Seulement tes yeux
10. Phedra – Let me down
11. Sonny Primogenito – Rap Bros
12. Love Yourself First – Al supermercato
13. Astolfo Sulla Luna – 8 settembre u.s.
14. Pentothal ft.Mauras – Camere vuote rimbombano
15. Eddy Virus – iVeerus

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DUBBEMO – Dub Welle EP



“Dub Welle EP”

DubCombe Records is back with another release from the dark side of the underground world of dub.

A sensational mixture of classic sounds and electronic sonorities form this new and psychedelic creation of DUBBEMO.

The Italian producer has fused analog warmth and digital sharpness into what we believe to be one of the nicest sounding products in this very moment in time.
The release will be available in FREE DOWNLOAD from THURSDAY 6th of DECEMBER as our Xmas present for you all.

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Various – Tiny Robots



“Tiny Robots”

Finally after many months of collecting submissions, choosing the playlist, mastering and getting the cover artwork completed, its time for this years various artist mega release! And quite a release it is, with 29 tracks, 185 minutes of play time!
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Martin R. – In Winter Colours


Martin R.

“In Winter Colours”

01-Violet skies(5:23)
02-Double Ila(4:11)
04-Dub for K.(6:25)
05-Dirty Monique(5:17)
06-Blue pill(5:02)
09-Theme for a Raven(4:50)
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Various Artists – Underpopular Hits vol.2

[UPL 046]

Various Artists

“Underpopular Hits vol.2”

For the second “Underpopular Hits” compilation 1 song was selected from each of Underpolen releases 21 to 41. Ranging from folk, through ambient, conceptual piano soundscapes, experimental guitar freakouts, funny synthpop, it reflects pretty well the diversity of Underpolen, bounded together by a strong DIY feel and a lot of originality. As a bonus, three previously unpublished songs were added.
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Vitola Minks – Traffic


Vitola Minks


YPQN034 Vitola Minks – Traffic

PRODUCER: Vitola Minks
GENRE: Techno

LENGTH: 05:54
BPM: 128 BPM’S

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Vla DSound feat Esther Lazaro – Life in Backwards


Vla DSound feat Esther Lazaro

“Life in Backwards”

YPQN030A Vla DSound feat. Esther Lázaro – Life in Backwards

PRODUCER: Vla DSound feat. Esther Lázaro
TRACK NAME: Life in Backwards
GENRE: Trance
LENGTH: 06:01
BPM: 126 BPM’S

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Bipolar – Dissapoiment




YPQN029 Bipolar – Dissapoiment

TRACK NAME: Dissapoiment
GENRE: Deep House
LENGTH: 06:30
BPM: 125 BPM’S

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Telegraphy – Watered Down Focal Point



“Watered Down Focal Point”

Improvisational dubtechno from Telegraphy. Using a field recordings from inside of a moving car traveling down a major highway in Detroit during a heavy rain storm and various other recordings. The hypnotic rushing sounds of cars passing by and the phasing effects of near by objects, plus the radio static noise of one of Telegraphy’s vintage vacuum tube communications receiver was chosen as a back drop for this sporadic production.
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atabey – the alignment on the 12/12/12



“the alignment on the 12/12/12”

it is time for the last release in this year and we are back with a fantastic double album from atabey. with over 2hours of pure dubtechno. 12tracks and 6 remixes. remixes by markus masuhr, roberto figus, substak, Vytis and Yoshihiro Arikawa thats the sound for this cold winter.i find no more words !! that is true music!!!!


atabey – tireo
atabey – strike1982
atabey – quisqueya
atabey – new and fun delay
atabey – guayabin
atabey – a virus chord
atabey – wandering within
atabey – luperotuen
atabey – jamamu
atabey – higueey
atabey – guatapanal
atabey – damajagua
atabey – guayabin [markus masuhr reduction]
atabey – tireo [markus masuhr dubedit]
atabey – a virus chord [yoshihiro arikawa remix]
atabey – new and fun delay [roberto figus remix]
atabey – new and fun delay [substak remix]
atabey – guayabin [vytis remix]

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Steven Reitz – At the end of time EP


Steven Reitz

“At the end of time EP”

01. At the end of time 8:39 min

02. Between the worlds 9:59 min

03. Human Interaction 6:32 min

04. Timeless 10:23 min

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Geolm – Intriguing bits of life



“Intriguing bits of life”

01 ~ Geolm ~ Get Out ~ 7:03
02 ~ Geolm ~ Fled from the house into the night ~ 3:57
03 ~ Geolm ~ Hershel ~ 5:32
04 ~ Geolm ~ Floora (house remix) ~ 5:51
05 ~ Geolm ~ Oh dear ~ 6:37
06 ~ Geolm ~ Rollback ~ 5:30
07 ~ Geolm ~ Hope ~ 5:26

Chapter I
I walk down the street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk
I fall in.
I am lost … I am helpless.
It isn’t my fault.
It takes forever to find a way out.

Chapter II
I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I pretend I don’t see it.
I fall in again.
I can’t believe I am in the same place.
But, it isn’t my fault.
It still takes a long time to get out.

Chapter III
I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I see it is there.
I still fall in … it’s a habit … but,
my eyes are open.
I know where I am.
It is my fault.
I get out immediately.

Chapter IV
I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I walk around it.

Chapter V
I walk down another street. // Portia Nelson

Artwork by Melan Westage
Mastering by Geolm

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Will Bangs – Stay Golden


Will Bangs

“Stay Golden”

In 2011, No-Source Netlabel kicked off a remix contest for Will Bang’s album Stay Gold. As you may remember, Stay Gold was created as a starting point for musical collaboration. Now that the initial contest is over, No-Source brings to you the remix EP “Stay Golden”. The EP contains five tracks, remixing four of the songs off Stay Gold. These five tracks come across less as remixes and more as a compilation of songs by different artists. Interestingly enough all five tracks share a similar indietronic bond with each other. Ilona from Switzerland adds kick drums, effects drenched vocals and a wave of synths. Harvey Kreepar takes his remix to post-progtronic territory with an immense build of layers. Ford Madox Ford, a mysterious project from the mind that brought you Full-Source, takes on three tracks with reverberated vocals and distorted, arpeggiating synths. Stay Golden is a great way to wrap up the 2012 release year for No-Source. Enjoy!
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Off Land – Circadian


Off Land


Genre: Ambient

This new four track EP is a based around the theme of cycles. Three of the tracks are brand new, including the nearly twenty minute title track. Cicadas (Originally titled Outer) is a track that came out of the session that produced the 2011 X:F System – Microvast rework album, Microcosm. This release keeps with the melodic Off Land style but it is decidedly more experimental and at times brooding. The result is an expression in repetition, time, rhythm, and flow… Off Land has works released at the ever excellent labels Resting Bell and Kikapu among other respectful labels of the internets.

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Delaykliniken – My Story



“My Story”

Get prepared for playful feelings and fine man vocal in the airy heart performed by interesting Swedih project. Let´s start the winter time with our release „My story“. But you don´t need your winter clothes, because Delayliniken together with the great remixes by Balkansky, Nev.Era, Foolk & Kallin embody the sunshine now.
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Pedro Helvete – Void


Pedro Helvete


His works were influenced by and also created in ambient-downtempo style, but the new products contain soundbits from various styles. He tries to mix the musical taste he likes, and create fresh soundings, compose new panels. Combined by these soundbits he introduces the audience a new exciting world of music.

Among his influences we can find polish jazz music from the 60-70′s, scenes from the past century’s italian horror movies and giallos, ambient, minimal techno, and also trip-hop.

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The Mostly Bad Virus – E = mbv^2


The Mostly Bad Virus

“E = mbv^2”

E = mbv^2

(recorded on February 11th, 2012)
Office Politics at the Old Philharmonic
Summer Reading List
Run-In with the V.C.C.S.S.
Bluesman Impostor Blues
How Not to Tell a Story 101
Song on Maracas
Joys of Public Transit
Get Gone, Diabete, Get Gone

Felipe Rojas – Paréntesis


Felipe Rojas


First album of Felipe Rojas.
Published by m.i.s.t. records.

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Enrique Tomás – Sense of place


Enrique Tomás

“Sense of place”

Seyðisfjörður (Iceland) is the northest latitude where I have ever been on Earth (October 2012). A permanent drone of blue noise covers everything at every moment due to hundreds torrents conducting water from glaciers to the sea. The always changing weather destroys whatever humans try to build there, converting old fishing industries into oxidated landscapes. Underwater field recordings, sound improvisations with found objects and Icelandic language conformed the sonic architecture of the work, articulated into a number of proposed scenes where listeners will be self-located through their aural imagination.

Der Hirsch des Wahnsinns is one of the verses of "Al Infierno" ("To Hell") by the Spanish poet Leopoldo María Panero. This poem and some others by Rainer María Rilke, Rafael Alberti and John Milton were used at a soundwalk commissioned in 2010 for the gardens surrounding a famous statue of the Fallen Angel in Madrid. Updating some of those sound materials (in binaural format) with some new others (in ambisonic format) I propose you the listening of an acousmatic composition inspired by the Fallen Angels, understanding them as those who, though created as good beings, freely chose the wrong way..

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Tension Co – “El Olvido”


Tension Co

“”El Olvido””

El Olvido, the fourth work of Tension Co. was recorded and mastered in the Laboratory
Intr: Muros. (Seville) in June 2012, and the first without the presence of Miriam Blanch, who earlier this year left the group temporarily for work purposes. It is his darkest work and personal, and a certain melancholy aftertaste to date. It is a product of a sono-emotional time in recent past that perhaps there were more shadows than lights, although the latter shone with sufficient strength to move forward and make this work.
Enter field recordings, a cello made ​​Isabel Garcia ‘Drunkenstrings’ and others in the Doñana National Park with Miriam and Juan Carlos Blanch White in the piece’s title track and ‘Duna’.
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Pro Chelovek – Octbr


Pro Chelovek


01-Part I(5:18)
02-Part II(2:08)
03-Part III(3:42)
04-Part IV(5:28)
05-Part V(2:21)
06-Part VI(3:16)
07-Part VII(1:44)
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Coaxil – Coaxil




Coaxil is an audio-visual project successfully debuted in the spring of 2009 at the international festival of electronic music and visual arts “Electro-Mechanica” (St. Petersburg, Russia). All the perfomances are based on a principle of spontaneous improvisation: pulsation of drum machines, buzz of the synthesizers, improvised voice parts, dynamic video projections are often intertwined in the most intricate and unexpected ways.
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Neuf Meuf – What’s Left in Chorus


Neuf Meuf

“What’s Left in Chorus”

“Rok Vrbancic is a young fellow from Slovenia and member of a band “Automassage”. His music is very dense, rich of melody and hidden under a beautiful shell of cracklings and noises from time to time. His instruments are mostly analogue (guitar, drums, field-recordings, fragments of voice) but the way he develops his songs he is closer to electronic- or ambient-music.”
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Goto80 and the Uwe Schenk Band – The Ferret Show


Goto80 and the Uwe Schenk Band

“The Ferret Show”

This is a live recording from Uwe Schenkt Trifft in Stuttgart October 2012. This is probably the first musical that combines C64 and text graphics, with acoustic instruments and improvisation. Goto80’s music was re-arranged for 4 musicians, according to the story of the ferret. The video recording is available at Uwe Schenk Trifft… and Youtube.

Goto80: original songs, live C64-magic
Raquel Meyers: animation and live visuals
Re-arrangement: Uwe Schenk

The “Uwe Schenk Trifft…” band:
Uwe Schenk: spinet
Jochen Feucht: saxophone
Markus Kössler: bass
Torsten Krill: drums

Released under a Kopimi license.

Martin Rach – Music For Children


Martin Rach

“Music For Children”

Martin Rach is back with some little oddities of his.
These are small electronic/electro-acoustic pieces collected throughout the years.
Over exposure to these sounds might turn your kids into… Never mind, you find out!
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Bruce Hamilton – Drams


Bruce Hamilton


Linear Obsessional is excited to present this extraordinary collection of evocative and hallucinogenic works by the US composer Bruce Hamilton.

“Drams is a collection of sound works held together by connections to notions of dreaming. While many of the pieces are, in a sense, ambient, whether from the presence of drones or use of field recordings, my intent was more to create a kind of animated presence- a surreal and vivid soundscape.

Some of these works were the result of participation in online events with the Society for Shorty New Music and ImprovFriday (now Sound-In); in some cases the events had themes such as âdreamsâ or âstoriesâ, or presented a given image to provoke a sonic reaction. Other tracks were simply improvisations that became compositions through editing, processing, and mixing. Some pieces explore microtonality, some are primarily instrumental in nature, and some are essentially acousmatic vignettes. Headphone listening is recommended”

-Bruce Hamilton

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