Air Protection Office – Moabit EP


Air Protection Office

“Moabit EP”

wish to get away from the paradigm of music being language-like, the esthetics that believe music (or art in general) is a form of communication. My favourite metaphor for explaining what i’m after is a tree on a meadow; the tree is just standing there, it’s not a message for you, but looking at it, you may think about a lot of things, feel a lot of things… so in way, i’m trying to do music that exists like a tree.

cit. B. Günter

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Various Artists – 6 Creuze


Various Artists

“6 Creuze”

a ruzzi compilation
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antonio saccoccio + stefano balice – minimal vT


antonio saccoccio + stefano balice

“minimal vT”

minimal vT: cinque sberle sonore in occasione di un’esposizione vittiana [0kbps017]

01 – Jimi Hendrix plays “Ma ‘ndo Hawaii”
02 – Vitti Tivvi
03 – Ogni Artista
04 – Vitti sintitoli
05 – E adesso sorridimi! Ma…

These tracks are part of the net.futurist sculpture “Stramberia di stellarità polverizzata + intrusione estroversa e metasonorità” (Marco Zappa, Antonio Saccoccio, Stefano Balice), exposed during an event in honor of Monica Vitti.

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Brandumize – On Dynamism



“On Dynamism”

“On dynamism means a lot to us because after the summer break we started working on new stuff and we completed it rapidly, in just 2 months. That’s why the tracks were already finished (with chords and variations) even before sitting in front of the screen and before turning the machines on. This work is fresh and really dynamic, and you can hear and feel just the way we are today” -Brandumize
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Summons of Shining Ruins – Takeshi


Summons of Shining Ruins


And here is the sibling of Shinobu’s former release “Shiho”. “Takeshi” was recorded with the same setup as “Shiho”, an electric guitar and a feedback device, and also in it’s duration it is quite similar, four tracks and about 35 minutes long.

Oscillating guitar tones, little shifts in tone an color, enjoy the extended trip into Shinobu’s wonderful and exciting soundworld with both releases “Shiho” and “Takeshi”.

Thanks to Shinobu for this wonderful release. Thanks to all other artists on Resting Bell for your work and passion and thanks to all the listeners and fans for your support. Farewell 2012, Welcome 2013.

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Various – Tranzmitter Research (Volume 2)

electronic, experimental, abstract


“Tranzmitter Research (Volume 2)”

ARTIST: Various
RELEASE TITLE: Tranzmitter Research (Volume 2)
RELEASE DATE: 21 november 2012
FORMAT: Mp3/ 320kbps/ 44.100 MHZ more Wave (16Bits)
GENRE: Electronic
SUB-GENRE: Ambient, Experimental, IDM, Glitch, Avant-Garde, New Age.
TOTAL TIME: 01h31m45s
SIZE: 271 MB

01. Atlantic’s Hash – Police In Kuait (5:04)
02. Substak – Between (3:54)
03. Blasquez & Eletromariola – Step Or Noize (6:27)
04. PJ Waldman – Na Quebrada (Instrumental Version) (3:18)
05. Bmind – Vento (7:39)
06. Bruce Kasinsky – Epic (6:37)
07. Projekt Gestalten – Duck And Cover (3:37)
08. M.Nomized – Infraloopy Life (10:02)
09. Holocaos – Darktentaclestar (7:45)
10. Paula Daunt – Lynch Dough (4:38)
11. D_e – A Day Like No Other (8:56)
12. Serious Cut – Thinking About It (5:53)
13. Midnightradio11 – Clinic (V-2 Schneider) (12:52)
14. Bmind & Atlantic’s Hash – Ding In The Clouds (5:03)

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Izzat Man – Deep Immersion


Izzat Man

“Deep Immersion “

We sustain our path with another visionary dub-techno-trance blending album from Izzat Man. The flawless spiritual reinforcement.
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Thuoom – reCycle




“This compilation compiles a total of 35 unreleased tracks from my first grand cycle (2007-2012),
experiments into electroacoustic sound that can be called post psychedelic electronica, or forestelektro as I like to call it.

The first CD is kind of a lost Thuoom album, a compilation of pieces that fit together sonically.
The second CD is more of a mix bag of pieces, includes more curiosities and live tracks, but also some familiar themes.

After this my desk is clean.”

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Dan Hiroshi – Okari


Dan Hiroshi


4 and a half years after Oplus2, Dan Hiroshi give us his second album: Okari. This time we find a very personal record, the result of 6 years of intermittent production where the artist process his experiences and trips in a mix of half-tempo rhythms and bright pads.
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Heu{s-k}ach – két




Marcel Chagrin and netaudio superstar D’Incise created an album under the moniker Heu{s-k}ach that will definitely be a momerable exploration into post-rock, jazz, musique concrète and avant-garde. We’re honored to be able to release such an album for free, a testament to Heu{s-k}ach’s generosity. Their ingenuity also tests our sense of fear and exploration as their obvious knack for suspense carries us through the many damp rooms found on the album. A slow, heavy walk through these corridors might dizzy the most adventurous of us but as you go on, the journey reveals itself to be within and the reward is uplifting.
Két certainly takes you to dark places, but peering long enough into its darkness will showcase its true beauty.

D’incise: laptop, objects
Marcel Chagrin: guitare, amp, bass drum

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d’incise – akènes




Akènes is a new album by ultra-prolific artist D’Incise, from Switzerland. In D’Incise rich and multiform discography, this record is to be connected with his masterpiece Cendre et Poudre.

Composed between 2009 and 2010, Akènes saw d’Incise turn towards a more organic way of producing music. A real deconstruction of the rhythmic and melodic structures leading to an extremely free type of electronica.

This record is co-produced with french label Drone Sweet Drone.

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Bloody Romero – I Remember the Rain


Bloody Romero

“I Remember the Rain”

01-Get Up! Get Up!(1:53)
02-SIN Exctua(3:24)
03-I Remember the Rain(3:13)
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Deep Paranoya – Difinicion EP


Deep Paranoya

“Difinicion EP”

This timeless, melancholy and hypnotic masterpiece template, the remixes in the individual need not in any wise to hide behind the original. Each track / remix bears the unmistakable handwriting of the respective artist (Atabey, Pluge, Vytis)

Artist….: Deep Paranoya
Rmx.Artist….: Atabey / Pluge / Vytis
Title….: Difinicion EP
Catalog#….: DAST061
Medium….: 4 x File / LP
Playtime….: 37min 32sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1411 kBit/s)
Mastering…: Mèrge Audio Works
Country….: Czech Republic….: 24 Dez 2012
Rel.Artwork….: RtM / M. Kirschenstein*
Genre….: Electronic
Style….: Dub Techno

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various artists – paradigm shift


various artists

“paradigm shift”

released: 2012-12-21

01 DELP – Scape 1 3:11
02 Narcotic 303 – Reverb 9:42
03 Omara – Music Addicted 7:56
04 Psycoded – Nina 12:17
05 Geolm – Get Out 6:55
06 Oleg Pw – Frisky Call 8:50
07 Freigänger – Circle In My Mind 9:03
08 Oliver Martini & St. Elec – Heartliner 8:25
09 Audiofetish – Unknown Track 8:42
10 Hörautomat – C-64 4:02
11 Geoffrey Johnson – La Coincidence 8:42
12 Oleg Pw – The Future 9:29
13 SheepOnAcid – Stoppelhopser 7:54
14 Jay Ree Marek – Noir 89 3:37
15 Geolm – Oh Dear 6:31
16 Kujat & Teuerkauf – Last Summer 6:02
17 Haarspalter – Neidlife 8:37
18 DJoker – B2 8:35
19 Ulf Kramer – Maulhorn 7:16
20 Strehm – Honkytonk 5:23
21 Mr. Dee – Plastik 5:17
22 DELP – Scape 3_1 0:31

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SHOMOMOSE × mitsuru shimizu – re​:​ili


SHOMOMOSE × mitsuru shimizu


■ EPV_114 ”re​:​ili” SHOMOMOSE × mitsuru shimizu


A long time ago…
The band of the name of ”Veronika Decides to Die” existed.
This EP is a small story related to it…

■ bonus item
wallpaper for iPhone 4 & 5 (lock & home screen) ,
wallpaper for PC, PDF BOOK (10p) & more

basic track by mitsuru shimizu (from EPV_105 ili)

re:contruction by SHOMOMOSE
design by SHOMOMOSE / mitsuru shimizu / ono
photo by mitsuru shimizu

trailer sounds & special thanks…ベロニカは死ぬことにした

:: soundcloud ::


■ mitsuru shimizu
:: soundcloud ::

:: web ::

:: vimeo ::

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Ars Sonor – Underneath the Stone Mountain

Ars Sonor

“Underneath the Stone Mountain”


1. what now (6:47)
2. hypocrisy (7:11)
3. how it all had been (almost) (5:34)
4. the safe haven (4:58)
5. suppressing thoughts (2:46)
6. i am you (wind of changes) (11:37)
7. p.s. (0:16)

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Audiophil – Hope



Hi people this is our livingroom performance for our new song “Hope”

We fuse acoustic instruments with modern sounddesign.

You can hear bowed saw, cajon, guitar, vocals embedded in electronic sounds.

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TÜNEL – Live @ Yono



“Live @ Yono”

The Live TÜNEL @ YONO is part of the Tünel Radio Active Tour started in June 2012, in order to celebrate and promote the Nostress Netlabel release “Tapes Serie” and the H.A.K release “Rêveries paranoïaques”. The first gig was on A stranger Paradise net radio. Tünel perfomed with Joséphine Müller & Ian Linter. Few days later, Tünel was invited at the Amazing Studio by Anton Mobin (On KKWNE net radio). Then TÜNEL decided to play in a Gay Bar: The YONO. This live was performing with a video specially committed by TÜNEL. Horror Cine Snuff Gore Concert was the name of this experimentation. Some kind of sonic trip with unbearable pictures.
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Mirko Edelmann – Dirty Things (LP)


Mirko Edelmann

“Dirty Things (LP)”

Hello friends! At the turn of the year DAST will burn. The program starts with an old friend, Mirko Edelmann`s “Dirty Things” is a techno-album in its purest manifestation. Dirty, hard, pounding, brain-fucking horny, marching forward! More Questions? No, well then let’s go!

Artist….: Mirko Edelmann
Title….: Dirty Things (Album)
Catalog#….: DAST060_LP
Medium….: 11 x File / LP
Playtime….: 63min 02sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1411 kBit/s)
Mastering…: Mèrge Audio Works
Country….: Germany….: 23 Dez 2012
Rel.Artwork….: Rtm
Genre….: Electronic
Style….: Experimental, Techno

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omara – hitschlampe remixed



“hitschlampe remixed”

01. omara – hitschlampe (quinto remix)
02. omara – hitschlampe (ulf kramer remix)
03. omara – hitschlampe (pasquale maassen remix v1)
04. omara – hitschlampe (pasquale maassen remix v2)
05. omara – hitschlampe (pasquale maassen remix v3)
06. omara – hitschlampe (oliver martini remix)
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If the Archive#2 is published that close of the Archive#1 it’s because we thought crucial by this release to signifie the evolution and the work accomplished by the orchestra during its 2nd residency in the summer 2012. This one has indeed allowed to establish a much more defined direction, both easthetic and strategic, for the IMO’s near futur. After experimenting a large range of conductions type, IMO made the choice to work on and build a specific way to improvise in a large group, based on collective actions, on certain sounds, on volume controle, etc.
Line 1 is along drone, where each musician integrates it regarding its capacity to hold a continuous tone, slowly develloping the sonic mass’s timbre and spectrum. Line 2 is an improvisation where the orchestra explores a serie of matters, in strongly coherent blocs, naturally passing by various densities and colours.

IMO is a large improvisors ensemble, founded in september 2010, It gathers about 45 musicians from all Switzerland and beyond. It is born from the INSUBORDINATIONS label and assocciation nebula that publishes and promotes the twisted forms of experimental improvisation since 2006.
The orchestra seek to devellop collective listening and playing, it creates sonic microclimats, subtles layering, looking for a single sound, generated by a common thought, carried by the impressive amount of musicians forming the core of it. With over 20 concerts and two residency, IMO has found his own and surprising path.
IMO goes in the direction of a practice where instruments loose their classical function – and sound – to become abstract sounding artefacts, establishing then a non-hierarchical relation between them.

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Don’t panic, while flying through the helix of time. The secrets of the circle expect your understanding. Every ending is supposed to be a transition to smth.

Enzym – Festung (3:51)
Selfcontained – #20 (5:01)
Bad Comfort – 110319 (5:45)
Aerror – normand ranger [short] (3:46)
[micro:form] – analogowy trop (6:44)
U.X.O – Analphabet ; Lever de Soleil : U.X.O Rmx (4:21)
Polyphunky – Way (6:24)
Glander – Ghost and the machine (8:27)
Blackberry – Frozen Raindrops in a Desert (Live at Sabotage) (10:34)
Anolique – solldas (8:17)
Anaxy – Nanomer (6:17)
Deftype – 270deg (3:59)
Oenilloc Sound – Whole Gale (3:19)
r.y.d.o.x. – Grind (4:51)
Trans Alp – Particular (5:51)
Escape Now! – Coopers Case (5:50)
Tinitus – Saturno (5:20)
Paolo Zemauno – Red Sun (3:10)
505 – Trailblazer (3:10)
Mr. Incognito – The Adventure of the Chicken0 (3:17)
MOC – Fantômas (6:01)
Hofuku Sochi – Senpan (Futsuumeishi) (5:52)
Christian Pietzsch – Super Alkaline (4:41)
Phil Gerus – He Smiles (2:15)
Godblesscomputers – Berlin Sunset (3:20)
Götterkreis – Aye Aye (5:46)
Christian Björklund – Speechless (3:08)
_nyquist – The Golden Sea (5:14)

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X-Quantum – Achluophobia EP



“Achluophobia EP”

Label: Deep-X Recordings
Catalog#: deepx204
Format: 6 x File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Country: Russia
Released: 19 Nov 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal, Techno

01 – Plug (2:05)
02 – VA (4:48)
03 – Microdevice (5:36)
04 – Achluophobia (5:08)
05 – Empty (2:52)
06 – Basement (6:18)

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Abacom System feat. Qumran – Home


Abacom System feat. Qumran


Abacom System presenta il suo nuovo lavoro, questa volta sottoforma di mini-album avvalendosi della collaborazione di Qumran. Sette tracce, sette, che spaziano dalla techno all’ electro passando per contaminazioni idm ed ambient mantenendo un mood costante e fluido che rende l’ascolto estremamente piacevole e rilassante. La release si apre con “In Light” e capiamo subito di trovarci di fronte a qualcosa che è molto di più di una semplice raccolta di brani, è ora il momento di decidere se fermarti od andare avanti, di fronte a te prende forma un sentiero sconosciuto forgiato con suoni profondi e strutture ritmiche altamente precise. Si continua con “Awake” electro romantica che non può non far dondolare la tua testa, un brano lento ed inesorabile che pesca da un passato electro dal sapore euopeo e che restituisce la cifra stilistica dell’autore. “The morning” è lo stupore di risvegliarci vivi dopo una notte vissuta all’estremo, un ambientazione electro-deep con contaminazioni dub, ethno e potenti arpeggi di basso. “16pm” un brano electro-pop con contaminazioni techno. “Eve 2″ basso in levare e sound design di qualità su ritmiche electro ed echi psichelideci che portano il brano verso incursioni ambient. “Relacalm” e la calma è solo apparente, parte deciso il sesto brano della release, ambientazione techno fantascientifica arricchita da un avvolgente groove di basso e da preziosi ornamenti sintetici accuratamente costruiti. “4.48 am” stà per arrivare la luce è giunto il momento per le creature della notte di ritirarsi. Sonorità techno, deep dal sapore horror-scifi ci accompagnano verso la conclusione di questo piccolo viaggio firmato Abacom System.
Buon Ascolto!

Uno yo per :
Pietrino e Margherita insieme a Fra e Vi (belli!), Simona per un sacco di buoni motivi, Alessio Aka K137 per il tracking (aiuto prezioso), Adriano “Mr. Reeva” Amoruso e Marta “The Deeva” e il millefoglie, Dathabhi (codice o no), Lady Maru e ogni singolo gong, Kuoko e Roxy, Tumultino, Norcia e Niko, Ale Falcone & family, Industria Indipendente e tutto ciò che vi gravita intorno, Stefano Demented, il Muzak e tutti gli shot che mi ricordano anche il Metaverso, Krudo & Dorfmerden, Cico perché mi pspiterà a Milano, la Street Art nella Capitale, Rita Petruccioli per caffè , sigarette e cibo surgelato e mai mangiato, tutta la crew di Stato Elettrico (daje rega!), Neuropa, Leda (che mi vuole bene anche se mi lamento), i vecchi amici e tutti i nuovi.

Grazie soprattutto a MP5 per l’Artwork eccezionale.
Grazie a mia madre che mi sopporta e a volte mi supporta.
Grazie a tutti quelli che vengono ai live.

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Ulcerium – Gorji7a




01. Eat My Bazdukom
02. Failure 2.0
03. Nightgap
04. Nightlap
05. Nightsend
06. D-vour
07. Dysfunction (feat. Michael Jackson)
08. Slimemask Ritual
09. Gorji7a
10. Na3nbouk (feat. Cheb Lahbitri)
11. Frik Frik
12. N’demt
13. Sunsetsurf

dec 2012 / ful stream + OGG z350 zip + MP3 320 zip

“End of a very prolific year for the NKS (34 releases !).
Our newcomer Ulcerium aka Mahdi Riahi is our first musician from the african continent / Tunisia. Ben Ali left power 2 years ago but deception followed hope in the country : no interest in extreme rock or hard electronics there. He went to live in Nancy (France) few months ago.
Mahdi is really multitalented : vocals / guitar / bass / drum & synth programming / recording / mixing / mastering / logo / cover design. Check Painful Prod, Vomit The Hate & Human Scum (first grindcore band in Tunisia).
Here is Ulcerium’s first album (first ep on Infinite Pandemic). 13 trax with personality and original blend somewhere between electronica idm & hard jungle breaks : fast broken beats, good synthetic melodies, weird samples from Michael Jackson to Cheb Lahbitri. Enjoy !
We should be dead in a few days. Seeya later in another world !”

Otto Psy [NKS International]

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Voyager – Another Wonder



“Another Wonder”

The Christmas release has arrived for 2012! This year, Kahvi is proud to present another artist that may be familiar to you in the ambient/electronic field – Voyager.

I first heard the works by Voyager a few years ago and they blew me away. Around the same time I was introduced to Global Communication, and the way both artists blew apart the ambient world with their epic tracks and awe inspiring sounds!

Voyager has supplied three of these very defining tracks for this album, along with a host of remixes and unreleased tracks exclusive to Kahvi! These defining tracks – Another Wonder, Walking Pacific and Imploder – are three of the reasons my mind was blown those years ago. Fantastic ambient passages with an element of classic electronic sound, those epic bass sounds from the early years.

Check out this 74 minute album of audio exploration, and you’ll agree why Voyager is one of the top ambient artists of the past decade! Don’t forget to buy the whole Voyager album by Voyager to hear the complete picture! Thanks to Anto for the fantastic cover artwork. Check out the zip files for wallpaper versions! Merry Christmas from Kahvi Collective!

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The Fucked Up Beat – Rust Belt


The Fucked Up Beat

“Rust Belt”

Experimental Schizo Noir Trip Hop. The Fucked Up Beat. A sound project by Eddie Palmer of New York, NY and Brett Zehner of San Diego, CA created in October 2011. Songs are recorded through e-mail using keyboards, experimental percussion and field recordings. Beats/Field Recordings by B.Zehner. Sounds/Instruments by E.Palmer.

“We have been chased by schizophrenic wolves in the forest and we still are not tired. We traveled to the far ends of a nuclear winter. We slept in the shit and vomit of our ancestors. We felt the fear and went to the telephone. Like Bogart, searching for desperate positions. We find solace in your regret, happiness in your sorrow, and a place to bury ideas. On a boat, there is no lighthouse on the seas, death comes fast and the whale will kill us all. If I should die at the end of the world, will fight the ocean and sink her ship with a thousand harpoons.”
The Fucked Up Beat

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