Azotic Compounds Laboratory – Island Of Secrets


Azotic Compounds Laboratory

“Island Of Secrets”

[FNet048] Azotic Compounds Laboratory – Island Of Secrets.
Tracks 1-9 written and produced by Seb D 2013.
Track 10 composed by Seb D.

Released: 26th May 2013
Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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Echonaif – radioesse

Echonaif - radioesse

Variouos – SAMIZDAT fLOppy DISK #01




8kbps mp301 – Beira – Com brok
02 – Tommaso Busatto – La canzone del tickling
03 – 7tn4CC – Rivolta di una città lo-bit
04 – Max Scordamaglia – Run random #07
05 – isteronproject – Brano di paura
06 – Natomorto – Suicidio 00
07 – kano – Morning shitty sounds
08 – fabiorosho – Treadmill

SAMIZDAT is a floppy series dedicated to low bit-rate music and other low-tech wonders.
Each participant is free to release and give out SAMIZDAT’s copies as he wants, using recycled diskettes, giving them to friends or hiding them among the shelves of a shopping center – or more.
A SAMIZDAT floppy disk is a noisy act of love against the music busssinessss.

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TVinki & Echo 15 – Under Universe EP


TVinki & Echo 15

“Under Universe EP”

Artist: TVinki & Echo 15
Title: Under Universe EP
Catalog#: deepx216
Format: File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Released: 21 Jan 2013
Style: Minimal Techno

01. TVinki & Echo 15 – Inception (5:56)
02. TVinki & Echo 15 – Horror (5:36)
03. TVinki & Echo 15 – Under Universe (4:58)

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JAHPAWA – Meditation dub



“Meditation dub”

Dubstep Release in Free download from a new label
Bass Philosophy RecJahpawa – Meditation Dub

Switchmaster – Aural Glitch



“Aural Glitch”

Switchmaster (Filippo Torre Switch) is a valuable friend and contributor of Strato Dischi
Notlabel. His artistic, technical and emotional support has always helped and stimulated
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Scarlet Moth – Edge EP


Scarlet Moth

“Edge EP”

artist: Scarlet Moth
album: Egde EP
lenght: 15:79
genre: ambient/trip-hoptrack list:
1-Dawn (4:53)
2-Three chords (3:43)
3-Edge (3:53)
4-Romance (4:30)
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Jan Strach – Jan Strach Otwiera Szafkę

[UPL 050]

Jan Strach

“Jan Strach Otwiera Szafkę”

Inspired by a bout of nostalgia, Jan Strach dove into his archive of a few dozens cassette tapes full of songs recorded between ages of 16-20. After digging through a few hundred tunes, he selected the most interesting to present to you, dear listeners. From regular songs with acoustic guitar in the style of early poj.wlkp, through experiments with two cassette players, casio-created ambient, sampled rock tunes and mandolin instrumentals, Jan Strach shows creations, in perspective maybe sometimes naive, but always honest, authentic and melodically interesting.
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Kai Nobuko – One


Kai Nobuko


Kai Nobuko

One [0kbps033]

01 – One
02 – One Two
03 – One Two Three
04 – One (Covolux Remix)
05 – One Two (Covolux Remix)
06 – One Two Three (Covolux Remix)
07 – One (Do It Yourself Sample Pack)

All music made with only one unmanipulated sample.
This sample is included for pure Do It Yourself pleasure.

MAV [0kbps] Records, May 2013

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Greg Reinfeld – Album, Overrated


Greg Reinfeld

“Album, Overrated”

Pornographic Secretary
Cool Maximum
Echo Blues
Robot Solstice Party
Career Paths a Millennium Hence
Pliny the Gangsta
Suburbia v. Ridiculo Yarmuve
It’s a Bean Sprout
William Taft on Horseback circa 1905
Funky Me Eating a Pear
Sexy Translator Honeymoon
Talented Playground
Halo Eyes
Sexual Awakening of Queen Tut
Inveterate Shaker of Hot Butt

Echonaif – La logica delle Falene



“La logica delle Falene”

Echonaif is a southern italian instrumental rock band: bass, guitar and drums. On 2011 their first EP called “primo” with five songs , features sounds close to the psychedelic rock of the ’70s. The second work now released on Nostress Netlabel is a newest EP called “la logica delle falene”. Five new and more aggressive tracks with a complex and sometimes noisy structures, frequently change of dynamics woven with guitar riffs, all originated from the immediacy of instinct creative jam that turn into songs. The recordings have an approach almost live-concert with few overdubs and post production.

Echonaif è una post rock band dal sud Italia. Un trio (basso, chitarra, batteria) di rock strumentale con all’attivo un EP di cinque pezzi dal titolo “primo” (2011) caratterizzato da sonorità vicine al rock psichedelico degli anni ’70. Questo nuovo secondo lavoro, un EP dal titolo “la logica delle falene”, esce per Nostress Netlabel. Le composizioni del nuovo lavoro hanno un sound più aggressivo, a tratti rumoristico, dove strutture complesse e cambi di tempo si intrecciano a riff effettati di chitarra, il tutto scaturito dall’immediatezza dell’istinto creativo di jam che si trasformano in brani. Le registrazioni hanno un approccio quasi live con poche sovraincisioni e post produzione ridotta all’essenziale.

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Mario Guida – FlussoSottile


Mario Guida


Musician and electrical engineer, Mario Guida is an italian sound works composer from Bologna, exclusively electronic templates, tools and technology languages user. His own sound language basically is formed by a connection between improvisation and real-time manipulation of sounds and analog and digital algorithmics musical structures as introspective environment. Since 2009, Mario Guida collaborates with the “Collective Imaginary” theater artists group, producing opera soundtracks that allow him to explore relationship between text, dance and real-time manipulation of sound materials. He works as Creative Coder overseeing the hardware and software implementation for multimedia art installations, and, as teacher, training courses for learning art languages, technologies and multimedia interactive. “FlussoSottile” is an electronic music work composed with the intention to tell an imaginary story with the evolution marked by starting, ending points and the five title tracks. As the listeners are free to imagine and to build own mind narrative way, the composer/performer, in every performance, transforms and shapes the sound material just building musical architecture impro for the “FlussoSottile” project that moves on a limit-range imaginary track between “History of the Sounds” and “Sounds of Story”, unpredictable and completely non-linear.
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ORLANDO GABBER – Reprezent the 45 HxC Krew

[NKS prod 116]


“Reprezent the 45 HxC Krew”

5 trax – zip ogg 350 or zip mp3 320 – full streaming
breakcore speedcore gabbercore mccore from France{en]
“Breakcore speedcore by Orlando Gabber from 45 HxC Krew / France with 2 trash MC who give some human feelings to these traxx made of fast and brutal broken kicks, explosions of amen, & epileptic glitches. Orléans HxC new style in your face !”

“Du son bien explosé, rapide, dense et brutal en provenance du 45 HxC Krew basé à Orléans. Les deux trasheurs hiphopeurs MC Massacre et MC Checy qu’Orlando a eu la bonne idée d’inviter apportent une touche d’humanité déglinguée au milieu des rafales de kicks, des amens dépecés, des glitches épileptiques et autres bordels hardcore sonores. Orlando Gabber HxC new style in your face, on vous aura prévenu !”
Otto Psy [NKS International]

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KMS – Corruption




9 trax – zip ogg 350 or zip mp3 320 – full streaming
breakcore from SW France”Our newcomer KMS lives in Toulouse countryside. His first release is heavy amen breakcore in its classical form with a great variety of ambiances & samples, from trip hop standard to frenchy hardcore ragga, from weird glitches to metal riffs. A nice corruption of sounds.”
Otto Psy [NKS International]
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jankenpopp – zombie media



“zombie media”

Zombie Media is a 4 titles EP that speaks of Google, LOL cats and of up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-BA. Compositions on LSDJ (the famous Game Boy tracker), nuts breakcore that are actually melodies worthy to the best video games of the early 90’s (japanese trend). Jakenpopp gives us an EP super dancefloor and exclusively of great hits.

This guy remains true to himself and these four titles are the perfect example of a pop culture that shows us that in the year 2013 the geeks are cool, that can be really fun, handsome and that you can also make your performance in bathing suit.

Mixed and mastered by Jean-Christophe Andréoni at Micro Studio. Cover by Jankenpopp.

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10Konekt vs MIXolive – 10Kolive 2


10Konekt vs MIXolive

“10Kolive 2”

10KoLIVe 2 is the second collaboration between 10Konekt & MIXOLIVE.
All tracks recorded live in november 2012.
10Konekt: duo of sonic manipulators and circuit benders.
MIXOLIVE: experimental solo project based on looped guitars and various sonic materials.
released 21 May 2013
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Alexei Biryukoff – Train Chase


Alexei Biryukoff

“Train Chase”

“This album is a collection of arriving and departing trains at the station in a small Siberian town Talmenka” – Alexei Biryukoff
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Mr.Dee – Remix Two



“Remix Two”

Artist: Mr.Dee
Title: Remix Two
Catalog#: deepx215
Format: File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps
Released: 15 Jan 2013
Style: Tech House, Minimal Techno, Drum n Bass, Experimental
01. Mr.Dee – Zoo (Nebyla Remix) (5:58)
02. Mr.Dee – Winter (Return To Eden – Hugoboy Remix) (6:28)
03. Mr.Dee & Fcode – Arabica (Aleksey Kraft Remix) (7:45)
04. eM / Mr.Dee – Hate / White Shark (eM Mash Up Mix) (7:00)
05. Mr.Dee & Ms.Dee -Rain (Innmind Remix) (4:39)
06. Mr.Dee & Slava Miles – Ocean (Denis Prime Remix) (5:39)
07. Mr.Dee -Winter (Sinoptik Remix) (5:58)
08. Mr.Dee – Between (RuiD Remix) (9:48)
09. Mr.Dee – Mikki (Brain Shock Aka Rombik Remix) (5:38)
10. Mr.Dee – Untertaucht (Flint LSD25 Korallenriff Remix) (6:39)
11. Mr.Dee – Zoo (Iner Remix) (6:33)
12. Mr.Dee – Live (Flint LSD25 Remix) (8:03)
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IDGA – Horror Pleni



“Horror Pleni”

Horror Pleni is experimental techno in contemporary form of minimalism, between Actress and Four Tet, but it crumbles in the subsoil or better in underworld red as blood. The album carries the listener in psychedelic fogs and isolate atmospheres, while the incessant advance of 4/4 gets more granitic. The moving through the nine tracks is made by stable and inescapable steps, between clear and obsessive visions of the past and noising dreams for men from the future. Mind is free to fly, while body slides through seediest part of hell. The album begins with a palpitation “Wasted Summer”: something got wrong and rhythm chases changeable and enraged, with heavy pace. “Dreaming Baby Balcony” is light and shadow, between acid rays of sun and rasping wind, under an orange sky. “Live Twice” converts in sound two beings in opposition: sweetly gloomy melody and frenetic rhythm fuse in balanced contradiction. “Inside a Candy” is a scary trip who first digests you and lately spits you in a highly toxic mixture. In the very middle of the album, “Leave the Land” is a fugitive heart from its missing beat, in the Space. With the unique vocal of the album, “Rana Delay” it’s a pause from obsessive atmospheres, replaced with gothic taste for a while. “Horror Pleni” condenses all suggestions in stratified and chasing emotions. “Sidi Bouzid to Cairo” (Checkpoint 303 reworked) doesn’t take prisoners, shooting on sight in 4/4. “Krome” says goodbye to the first artistic album from Idga, getting to subsoil by procession of killer percussions. Mind is already free, just remains sinking body. [Maracuja&Plasman]

This is a very important release for us, since it marks an important step into the most modern music releasing approach. You can use this music whatever you like as far as it is for a private use/context. Please, feel free to copy-paste-send this release to your best friend or dj and to play it during your own private parties –>enjoy it !!
At the same time these works are regularly registered to the Danish Collecting Rights Society “Koda”, which will collect royalties in the behalf of the artist/composer: IDGA, and the publisher: 51beats, when this music will be employed in any commercial context.
We believe this is close to the ideal approach toward the most intelligent way of publishing music and arts, today.

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the human grizzly – the steinebach tapes

Longman – Akhenaten’s Dream



“Akhenaten’s Dream”

01-Millstone Justice(4:34)
02-The Expansion Of Consciousness(5:45)
03-The Reference Point(4:45)
04-Soup Of The Tendons(5:35)
05-Vietnamese Dub(6:23)
06-Cold Wind Is Moving(5:00)
07-The Social Cost Of(6:02)
08-Akhenaten’s Dream(4:34)
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Francesco Baiocchi – 45 minutes in hard drive through different ways


Francesco Baiocchi

“45 minutes in hard drive through different ways”

The album “45 minutes in hard drive through different ways” was born as a soundtrack for an audio visual installation presenata in September 2012 in Valletta, capital of Malta, during the White Night, commissioned by the Malta Council for Culture and the arts. The Maltese show of 10 hours, including a live painting on three canvases (150 x 100) mounted in a prism, some of the sets with video projection art during the concert, is an attempt to insert an unusual artistic expression in a particular context of this location of the center of the Mediterranean. The show also includes body painting and audiovisual installation from which the music of the album is about.
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Avelino Saavedra – MUD


Avelino Saavedra


MUD, is basically a systemic study of an instrument and its resonance capabilities. Also is the culmination of the mixture between sound processing and live improvisation with a very limited palette of sounds and effects.

As usual in Saavedra’s work one can grasp the enormous amount of time invested on developing, to get the finest results, in terms of sound. Earlier in spring, Saavedra stated (while talking about this album) that his idea was to squeeze all the capabilities of this instrument until depletion. So he did, and this is the modus operandi of Saavedra, to be able to extract the most of it of his instruments and deliver a closed-up project, without cracks, a full album, enclosed and finished.

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+ – Fuga​:​CM




”Fuga” re:construction vol.01

basic track by – [ from EPV_127 ”Fuga” ] (
remix & re:construction by + ( )
basic cover art by Akita Yoshiko / akkki ( )
cover art remix by ono (elementperspective)

:: related release ::
EPV_127 ”Fuga” –

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ASTMA and Els Vandeweyer – Live at Naherholung Sternchen


ASTMA and Els Vandeweyer

“Live at Naherholung Sternchen”

Performed and recorded by Olga Nosova, Alexei Borisov and Els Vandeweyer (Berlin, Germany, 25 July 2012)
Alexei Borisov: guitar, voice, electronics
Olga Nosova: snare drum, citra, recorders, sound objects, voice, effects
Els Vandeweyer: vibraphone, percussion, voice
Special thanks: Meli Anders
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Kayaka – Silence Walk



“Silence Walk”

KAYAKA is an experimental/ noise/ electronica composer, live performer, born in Tokyo, based in Europe (London, Berlin). She plays electronic and acoustic (bass clarinet, drums, bass guitar, gadgets …etc.) and has a unique, self-taught style of recording and composing. Her music is sometimes called “sonic surrealism”, mixed with those living-life-noise. Live sets are mostly improvised and different each time and she also collaborates with many artists from all around the world. She is a curator of an independent label, Pighole Records since 2007, where she exposes some of her releases and others’ experimental music containing some daily things freely holding onto strong and individual concepts.

This album was made in Ecuador in 2013. As I camped and walked through Amazon jungle with little belongings and thought of being away from human territory. Routine sound there was completely different from those which I was used to hear in my city life. You might need more of your concentration, but you are able to create anything you like in the field of wildness.

Track 6 “colibri” consists of recording I made in Mindo, Ecuador. It is a sound of humming birds. Quite many of them passing and stopping by a recorder I placed next to feeders. – They are known as hummingbirds because of the humming sound created by their beating wings, which sometimes sounds like bees or other insects. A group of hummingbirds is called a “choir.”- Indeed, powerful vibration sound they have considering their tiny bodies.

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NOS project – ex it


NOS project

“ex it”

NOS project

ex it [0kbps032]

01 – ex
02 – it
03 – ex it
04 – .

Chris Silver T : drums, electronics

Matthias Boss : electric violin on ex it
Michael Parque : guitars on ex it
Mauro Sambo : electronics, gong, double bass on ex it

Photo by Peter Solf
Graphic design by neta

All tracks by Chris Silver T
except ex it by Matthias, Michael, Mauro and Chris.

MAV [0kbps] Records, May 2013

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